New Life Dance Academy was created in 2003 to offer quality dance instruction to students ages three to adult.

I started dancing at NLDA in the first grade, meaning this year will be my 11th and final year. It's been a journey to say the least; when I first started I had no previous training or instruction. I was raw, not only in the field of dance but also in my relationship with God. Throughout my ten years at NLDA, I've not only grown as a dancer but also spiritually. The environment provided here is literally just like a family -  I feel closer to my dance instructor than my own brothers. We all accept each other as is with no judgement, and everyone lends a helping hand to those in need. Through my journey at NLDA, not only have I had significant growth as a dancer, I've also had excelling growth in my faith and my relationship with God; and I know that under the instruction and care of NLDA and their staff I
will achieve the same growth this upcoming year from these amazing people if not better.

~ Hannah Ferguson

My daughter grew up at New Life Dance Academy. She learned to express herself and to worship through movement, and in the process grew into a graceful woman. I am so thankful for the privilege she had to attend the studio - the music, the dress, the positive environment. She made beautiful friendships and grew in character under the leadership of Kristen, one of the most humble and talented women I've had the pleasure to know.

~ Tina Bush