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News Update

July 2016
Governor Lele L'Afrique of the NorthWest Region, Partners with 
Nkumu Fed Fed Human Rights Advocacy Centre

Governor  Visits and interviews girl victims in the Centre withdrawn from international human trafficking  

The creation of the Nkumu Fed Fed Human Rights Advocacy Centre in 2016 is the outcome of a partnership arrangement with the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) of Ghana.    The Centre seeks to provide a response to the victims withdrawn from international human trafficking through the creation of an Anti TIP network, training of victims on ICT and involving victims in mass sensitisation to prevent further victims.    The visit of this centre by the Governor and his stat major, and his financial donation to support the victims was an unprecedented action by the 

Governor Launches Anti-Human Trafficking campaign with Bus Stations

October 6, 2013
All FED FED Branches Celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child in Cameroon.

Under the theme "Innovating for Girls education", Nkumu Fed Fed establishes a lead position in celebrating the 2nd edition of the International Day of the Girl Child.    In collaboration with the Ministry of women's empowerment, Fed Fed branches in Bamenda, Buea, Kumba, Limbe, Douala and Yaounde created great awareness on the need to educate the girl child through wide media programs, round table discussions/debates, organising quizzs and talks in primary and secondary schools and the establishment of Schools clubs.  Through creative writing competitions, children under 18 years focused on the topic "NO to Child Marriage".
The Bamenda Fed Fed branch as a member of the Girls not Bride, championed the pioneer celebrations of the International Day of the Girl child of 2012 in Bamenda-Northwest Region of Cameroon

June 2013

Vital Voices in Partnership with Nkumu Fed Fed set the maiden NorthWest Regional Task Force Against Traffiking in Persons

The United States based Vital Voices Global Partnerships and AEquitas have launched a series of regional level Institute on the Investigation and Prosecution of Human Trafficking (IIPHT) in Cameroon.  In partnership with Cameroon’s leading service provider N’Kumu Fed Fed, Vital Voices Global Partnerships and AEquitas in June 2013 carried out a training of judges, prosecutors, police, gendarmes and social workers in Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon.  This training culminated in the putting in place of a maiden regional multidisciplinary anti-human trafficking task force designed to combat human trafficking by identifying, rescuing, and restoring victims; investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes; and building awareness about trafficking in the NorthWest Region.    Further initiatives will be replicated in other regions of Cameroon


 July-August 2009

Showing its commitment to continued support of Nkumu Fed Fed, Vital Voices Global Partnership sent two Peace Fellows to Bamenda for one month. Helah Robinson and Johanna Paillet arrived in Bali in early July and have since been providing Nkumu Fed Fed with communication and evaluation support. The Fellows created an organizational website and conducted a preliminary performance assessment of Nkumu Fed Fed’s Vital Voices sponsored HIV/AIDS awareness campaign that was completed earlier this year. After several of field visits, interviews and discussions, Helah and Johanna have provided Nkumu Fed Fed with valuable recommendations for the future. 

July 31, 2009

On Friday, the Delegation on Women’s Empowerment from Yaounde came to Balitown to celebrate the 47th Edition of the Pan African Women’s Day. Held at the Bali Grand Stand in the center of town, the festivities included traditional music, dress, dance and skits that highlighted the roles women play in Cameroonian society. Representatives from all the women’s groups of the North West Region came together to honor the African woman.

Themed “Combating the Exploitation of Women and Girls,” the event included speeches, activities and demonstrations that called on men and women in Cameroon to take up the fight against inequality and discrimination. During the celebration, the Women’s Empowerment Delegation awarded several NGOs prizes in recognition of their hard work and dedication. For its achievements in combating child trafficking, Nkumu Fed Fed won the top award! They received a 14-inch TV that will go to the Gwan Multipurpose Center, the transitional home for victims of child trafficking.

Nkumu Fed Fed,
Jun 15, 2012, 4:55 PM