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One Hundred Year Old Caboose Home

Donations Needed To Bring Home The Caboose 

Any Donation Large or Small Is Needed
100% of Your Donation Goes to the Caboose Relocation and Maintenance

Vermilion, Ohio - The Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. is proud to announce that they have acquired a Nickel Plate caboose, #1155, which trundled through town for its entire career. Constructed in 1909, the 1155 spent 54 years speeding through Vermilion on Buffalo-Chicago fast freights until its retirement in 1963. After a few years idly lingering in the Bellevue, OH yards, it went on display in Pennsylvania, far from home rails. When the caboose became available, recognizing a great asset to show Vermilion's heritage to current and future generations, FOHT saw the opportunity to start the process of bringing it back home.

Funds of $10,000 are being raised to build a display track, move the “car” as conductors like to refer to it, plus start repairs and repainting inside and out. The move is scheduled for this spring. With the car restored, young and old will have a chance to experience the home-away-from-home 20th century railroaders made for themselves as they moved the nations commerce. 

All donations are tax deductible as FOHT is a 501(c)(3). Checks should be made out and sent to:

The Friends of Harbour Town, Inc.
P. O. Box 274
Vermilion, Ohio 44089
440 963-7434
Please denote “FOHT caboose project” on the memo line.

Once at rest near the former Nickel Plate main line, it can dream of its last assignment of rolling its midnight mission with the last leg of a train that brought perishables to Cleveland from the deep South. After bringing the produce on train FS-2, the “Fruit Special”, it returned to Bellevue, OH the next day on little local freight, #91. Many lads, now grown old, will remember the friendly train crew that guided the locomotive around station sidings while distributing carloads of coal, lumber and farm supplies to the agricultural communities of Northern Ohio.

The caboose will be located next to the depot that it passed every day, on the St. Rt. 60 crossing. The depot is also undergoing a dedicated restoration.

For additional information, contact Don Glass at 440-541-8916.