Neighborhood Cleanup/Dumpsters

posted Sep 10, 2018, 7:17 PM by shaun mc
Neighborhood Cleanup/Dumpsters 
Saturday September 15th 7:00 am ‐12:00 pm

The use of the Dumpsters is only for Members
of Crestview Homes Association 1
who are current on their dues.

(Placed at NE 45th Street & N Cherry) – 
We are planning on having a truck and trailer for the
event to help haul items to the dumpsters. Please contact us if you need assistance with getting items to the dumpster. There will be two for trash and one for brush and yard waste.

The guidelines for each dumpster are as follows:

 Leaf & brush dumpster guidelines:

  • Only leaves and brush are allowed in the dumpster.
  • Yard debris must be in a paper lawn bag or a cardboard box.
  • Tree limbs can be up to 10″ in diameter and 6′-0″ in length.
  • Please do not place plastic bags or trash in the dumpster. The State of Missouri does not allow leaves and brush in the landfill.

Trash dumpster guidelines:

  • Dumpsters are for common household trash only.
  • Please do not place leaves and bush, tires, household hazardous waste, or appliances in the dumpster.