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Social Action

                                                    אני ואתה נשנה את העולם

You and I will CHANGE the World

    ~Arik Einstein

Social Action Projects that YOU can participate in!

Tikkun Groups are a great way to help out with an issue that YOU care about! Click on the following links to be directed to the Facebook groups for any of the 5 tikkun groups:

Young Judaea’s Change for Change is a project that strives to collect $1,000 in coins to purchase an iron flower that is made from ketusha and quasam rockets that are shot into Sderot (a city in Southern Israel). When we purchase the flower, the money is donated to help terrorized victims in Sderot. You can bring your change to any Young Judaea event or to one of our donation locations (to request an address please contact YoungJudaeaC4C@gmail.com). Please join us on Facebook to help spread the change.

Community Service in Essex County: If you are interested in participating in community service in or around Essex County, click here to be directed to a website with an array of options.