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Past Events

Scroll down to learn all about the events that Ganei Yehudah has had in the past...

Some events have albums attached to the name, click to check out the pictures! If you have pictures from YJ events, please email them to us at njmazkirut@gmail.com and we will post them! Thank you.

Don't Pass-Over Pesach

Spring Camp 2011

Purim Carnival (Essex County/Morristown)
Our March ofie/tsofie event had the theme of Purim! We started out by playing an Israeli version of "Hot Potato". Everyone passed around a newspaper package as music was being played and when the music stopped the person holding the packed unwrapped a layer of newspaper and discovered a silly task to perform! When playing this game, everyone had to pretend to do something that they would not normally do, just like Esther had to pretend to be someone that she wasn't. Next, we acted out the story of purim, costumes and all. Finally, we had a Purim carnival! At our Purim carnival we had a fortune teller, a face painter, a bean-bag toss, ice cream and more. Our fortune teller told us that all the kids would have a great time at this event, and we think she was right!
-Leora Lyon, Morristown Mazkira, 11th grade, Morristown

Where's Waldo and Where am I? (Essex County/Morristown)

Tsofim Fun Day (Ganei Yehudah)
Spending time with friends is even better when you are playing laser tag, arcade games, claw games, and winning prizes. This Winter, Ganei Yehudah ventured to Funtime America Clifton, NJ to spend time with our friends from Young Judaea. Being a part of Ganei Yehudah Young Judaea is the best way to meet kids in your area who are going to camp with you. We aren’t just sitting around talking; we are playing exciting games while learning about Israel, other Jewish Cultures, and being part of a community. Ganei Yehudah is a great way to do all these activities without having to go too far away!
-Kate Kurlandsky, event participant, 6th grade, Chatham

Kibbutz Kick-Off (Essex County)
At the Kibbutz Kick-Off event, the Ofarim and Tsofim of Essex County had an amazing time getting to work together by doing fun games and activities.  They also got to learn about what being in a Kibbutz is all about, and a bit of history on Kibbutzim in Israel.  They even got to make their own version of a Kibbutz with graham crackers and candies!
-Merav David, Essex County Ofarim/Tsofim Programmer, 9th Grade, Livingston

Fall Camp 2010
Fall and Spring Camp are my favorite times of the year! There are fun activities, you get to meet new people, and see friends from the summer. It makes me so excited to return to camp in July! 
On Friday night we eat the best shabbat meal because it includes apple turnovers (which are amazing!) On Saturday night, w
e had a pajama dance party and ate delicious ice cream. We even covered ourselves with shaving cream, and just had the best time. One example of an activity is Shabbadiyada - we got to make friendship bracelets, drink tea, and play on a huge blow up slide! One of my favorite parts of Fall Camp was region time, where we split up into different regions, learn cheers, and cheer for New Jersey (the best region!) The next best part is havdallah, when we say goodbye to Shabbat. We sing peaceful songs that are soft, and we just remember that Shabbat will come again next week. The weekend was just filled with amazing activities where we learn about Israel, being Jewish, and Zionism. We also learn about current events in Israel, why we should be proud to be Jewish, and learning our history in fun ways. We learn how to connect with our world.
-Liat David, event participant, 6th grade, Livingston

YJ in the Sukkah (Mercer County)