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Past Events

Scroll down to learn all about the events that Ganei Yehudah has had in the past...

Some events have albums attached to the name, click to check out the pictures! If you have pictures from YJ events, please email them to us at njmazkirut@gmail.com and we will post them! Thank you.

Northeast Spring Convention 2011

Lag Ba'Omer Cake Decorating Competition

AIDS Walk 2011

Fiesta Overnight

Fiesta night was a great overnight!  The theme was Jews in Mexico.  I really liked how the peulah and activities at this overnight stayed with the overall theme.  We started with havdallah, and then did a fun ice breaker where each age group had a piñata.  Then, we had a peulah about Jews leaving Russia, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, and more to live in Mexico.  Afterwards, we did Rikud and danced to Mexican music.  We did some fun Mexican games as well.  Everyone at the event had a great time and learned a lot.

-Valerie Schnapp, 9th Grade

J-Serve with Ganei Yehudah

Ice Cream Olympiad

The Bergen Maz had a great year, and one of our most fun events was the Ice Cream Olympiad. Not only did we have our regulars join us, but people from across the state came and joined us for a great afternoon at the JCC on the Palisades. This event focused on Jewish stereotypes and at first we played fun games like Pin the Nose on the Jew and Eat the Challah, transitioning into what we can do to stop these things from being spread. And after that, we had a wonderful time and ate all the ice cream we could eat! It was really an amazing event and I’d gladly do it again.

-Charlie Spiegel, 9th Grade

Purim Carnival (Essex County)

 The Essex county YJ Purim celebration was a great way to get into the Purim spirit! Over a dozen Judaeans excited to celebrate the   holiday enjoyed a Purim carnival at a terrific host's house in Livingston New Jersey. The organizers of the event arranged a fun   peulah that helped everyone get into a Purim state of mind. This was my first YJ event and I immediately felt welcome and embraced  by those around me, and left looking forward to the next YJ event. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting many new faces, even though some of them were masked by Purim costumes. What a great way to start off my YJ experience.

-Julian Amkraut, 10th Grade

Go-Karting (Bergen County)

During Bergen County’s Go-Karting event, all twenty three of the Bogrim present had an amazing time go-karting and socializing. There were many new faces, as well as a nice number of old faces, too. There were great ice breakers, and everyone really seemed to enjoy the activity. There is now a great core group of people who cannot wait to come to our next event, which will be even more amazing than the last, if that is possible! Everyone came away with an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, leaving all participants with an urge for more YJ. Bergen County has a need for speed, and we cannot wait until our next event is a complete success!
-Noah Stein, 9th grade

National Midwinter Convention
Last February, Judaeans from all over the country joined together at Camp Young Judaea Texas. The weekend was filled with interesting peulot (activities) relating to various issues facing Israel. In addition to the incredible program, it was a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new people from across the US. One of the highlights of the weekend was asepha where the coming years National Mazkirut (national board) was elected. Everyone present came away having an unforgettable weekend and left more eager to get invovled in other YJ events. I cannot wait for next year's National Midwinter Convention and I know it will exceed my expectations as this year's did!
-Eddie Maza, 10th grade

This year's Northeast Winter Convention was most certainly one of the strongest conventions I have been to. Throughout the weekend participants learned how to advocate for Israel through learning facts and acting out scenarios. We talked through issues of advocacy and explored and strengthened our opions on Israeli politics. The convention finished with the ultimate application of our knowledge when a speaker from the David Project came under the disguise of an advocate against Israel. Aside from really learning about advocacy, we had an amazing time being with friends and filling the weekend with YJ traditions like rikud and shira. There was also some amazing social action opportunities including a food drive for local foodbanks, a clothes drive for an ophanage victim to the Carmel fire, a bake sale for Keshet's Jewish community pledge, and an hour of making lunches for the homeless. We left convention feeling rejuvenated and passionate, ready to go out with our knew knowledge to adovcate for Israel and be agents for social justice. 
-Talia Niederman, 12th Grade

Pizza Party (Essex County)

Ice Cream Social (Essex County)
In October, Young Judaea had an Ice Cream Social. We started with sitting around the David's table eating ice cream and making delicious Sundaes! A bit later, we went outside to play capture the flag. It demonstrated what happened to Gilad Shalit and how he must feel. We watched Gilad Shalit's video that was released while he was in captivity. We then contemplated what it meant to be a Jew that supported Israel. We talked about what we thought Israel should do and debated whether she should do anything to release Gilad Shalit or whether it is too dangerous. We exchanged views on how much impact we as American Zionists have over Israel. It was a deep and meaningful sicha (discussion) about what we can do for the good of the Israeli community.
-Ziva Wernick, 9th Grade