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Peer leadership
is one of the five pillars of Young Judaea.
This means that kids your own age will run events, conventions, write/lead peulot (activities), etc. There are so many leadership opportunities within Ganei Yehudah. These include:
  • starting your own club
    • If you are planning a club event in your area, please fill out the advertising form. This will give the NJ mazkirut the necessary information to help you advertise for your event on njyj.org as well as our weekly newsletters.
  • writing or leading a peulah for your local club
  • leading peulot at NJ regional events
  • writing or leading peulot at northeast conventions
  • roshing (heading) or participating in va'adot (commitees) at northeast conventions
  • participating in NJ mazkirut
    • Regional mazkiriot are elected each year. If you are interested in running for the 2012-2013 year, please click here to fill out a quick form and receive the application.
If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these leadership opportunities, please contact us at njmazkirut@gmail.com and we would be glad to help you get started!