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Meet your Mazkirut

NJ Maz 2011-2012
The New Jersey Mazkirut is the executive board of Ganei Yehudah.

NJ mazkirut consists of seven 9th-12th graders who are responsible for planning everything in Ganei Yehudah throughout the year. The mazkirut is elected each year.  
Scroll down to meet this year's mazkirut!

Jon Stone
Mazkir (President)
Hey Ganei Yehudah! My name is Jon Stone, and I am your mazkir!  I am 17 years old, I am in 12th grade, and I live in Morristown, NJ.  Besides YJ, I love photography, music, food, and hanging out with friends. I have been involved in YJ since my first summer at Sprout Lake in 2004, and embraced leadership roles in Morristown YJ beginning three years ago.  I spent the entire summer at TY, and this coming summer, I am going on Machon!   Right now I serve as your Bogrim Programmer, and I lead and actively participate in many Young Judaea activities on a local, regional, and national level during the year.  I also have leadership experience from being involved in my local community.  This year, I served on the J-Serve Teen Planning Committee for my community Jewish center, and I have served on the executive board of my Synagogue's chapter of United Synagogue Youth for the past three years.  I would like to serve as Mazkir for Ganei Yehudah to lead the regional Mazkirut in creating and organizing all of the amazing events and programs that you attend throughout the year.  I hope that we can further grow and develop our region as part of the larger Jewish community, and contribute to the advancement of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World).

Noah Stein
Administrative Vice President
Hello Ganei Yehudah! My name is Noah Stein, and I am 16 years old. I currently reside in Tenafly, New Jersey, however I was born in Hanover, New Hampshireon November 24th, 1995. I am your Administrative Vice President (AVP). I have been involved in Young Judaea since I was eleven years old and started attending Camp Sprout Lake. I have been active in Year Round Young Judea since 8th grade attending both Ganei Yehudah and Northeast events. This past year I also served on the Bergen County Maz. In school, I am a member of the tennis team, which I know all about teamwork, leadership, and love. (Get it?) I am also a part of the school’s totally exciting and not nerdy at all math club. So I guess I know a thing or two about numbers. With me as your AVP, the position won’t just be about making T-shirts (although that’s important) but about creating a strong and effective member base, having an organized mazkirut, and taking care of all the little details to make Ganei Yehudah the best it can be.

amantha Schneider
Co-Club Coordinator
Shalom Ganei Yehudah!! I'm 
Sam Schneider, one of your current regional co-club coordinator :) I'm a junior at JP Stevens in Edison, and I'm involved in a lot of school functions, particularly theatre and choir. I love white chocolate, The Office, cats, and Young Judaea. Young Judaea is truly my passion, which is why I've been going to camp since I was 8! Ever since my first summer at Sprout Lake, I've been an involved Judaean, attending every regional event, convention, and camp summer in my power! This Summer, I'll spend first session at Tel Yehudah, and second session doing the hadracha plus program at Sprout Lake! I've had a fantastic year on mazkirut, learning more than I ever thought possible. Since the position of club coordinator was undeveloped when I began it, I have shaped it, all the while learning from mistakes and trying new things that work! I have developed an intense understanding of clubs and their workings, and I plan to use my knowledge from the position next year to improve clubs, the root of Young Judaea. I'm always on Facebook chat and my cell phone, so feel free to add me and get to know me if you don't! I love other Judaeans.

Max Werman
Co-Club Coordinator
Hi, my name is Max Werman and I am one of your Club Coordinators.  I am a 17 year old junior, I go to regular school and live in Tenafly, NJ.  I have been involved in Young Judaea since my first year in camp when I was 10 and ever since then I have been going to all the YJ events I could find!  Going to both sessions of camp, conventions, and regional events has affected me in a huge way and I want them to keep getting better!  This summer I will be going to my 5th session at TY and my 8th session at Sprout Lake on H+ and I cannot wait for either of them!  Currently I am the NJ OTP as well as the Bergen County Mazkir which means I program and organize events for the younger generations of Young Judaea as well as run the YJ club in my area.  Both of these positions have given me extraordinarily rewarding experiences and I have enjoyed every minute of them.  If you have any questions or just want to know more about me you can email me (mwerman95@gmail.com) or call me (201-679-8908).

Leora Lyon
Bogrim Programmer
"Shalom Ganei Yehudah! My name is Leora Lyon and I am your Merakezet Chinuch l'Bogrim (Bogrim Programmer). I am 18 years old, I live in Morristown, NJ, and I am in the 11th grade. I have been involved in YJ for the past 7 1/2 years and I have helped run the Morristown Ofi-Tsofi/Bogrim clubs for the past 4 years. I attended Sprout Lake beginning in 2004, I went to TY for 3 years and I CANNOT WAIT for Machon this summer! I am Rosh of  the Pikuach Nefesh Tikun Group which focuses on the issues of domestic violence, victims of terror, victims of abuse, and victims of sexual assult. We have been amazingly productive and successful this year and have completed many meaningful projects! I also helped to plan and run Spring Camp this year at Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake and I am helping to Rosh the Young Judaea AIDS Walk New York team this year along with Talia Niederman! My other hobbies include hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and exploring with my friends. Young Judaea is truly my passion and love. I believe all experiences have the ability to be life changing and that New Jersey Mazkirut gives its community that special gift of life-changing experiences. As Bogrim Programmer, I will bring energy, enthusiasm, leadership, organization, creativity, and fun into the 2011-2012 New Jersey Mazkiut!"

Merav David
Ofarim/Tsofim Programmer
"Hiya Ganei Yehudans!  My name is Merav David, and I am your Merakezet Chinuch l'Ofarim v'Tsofim (aka OTP).  I am currently a sophomore at Livingston High, and my life is devoted to Young Judaea.  I play an active role in the Essex County Club, which offers events monthly for Ofarim/Tsofim as well as Bogrim.  I am also the Crudites of the Pikuach Nefesh Tikkun Group (which is basically the 'creative thinker').  I love:  reading, drawing, painting, Harry Potter, snow-globes, chocolate chip cookies, Indian food, and Ellen DeGeneris.  I've been an active Young Judaean since I became a Sproutie in 2005, and plan on growing as a Young Judaean forever and ever."

Stephanie Blitzer
Social Action Programmer
"Shalom Ganei Yehudah! I'm Stephanie Blitzer and I'm from East Windsor.  I am 17 years old and a junior at Hightstown High School.  I love so many things like running around in the rain with rain boots on so I can jump around in the puddles and the mud, and walking around barefoot.  I am your Social Action Programmer (SAP) this year.  I have been on a mazkirut for the past 3 years, as the SAP.  I am really excited about working on many new social action programs as well as continuing to implement the past programs that have been successful in the past.  I plan on working closely with the tikkun groups that were created at National Summer Convention and implementing ideas from them into the programs of NJ region.  I am also really excited to be working on the new Social Action Va'ad that I started up to be implemented for this coming fiscal year.  My plans for next year are to be spontaneous with new ideas, I want YOUR ideas so I can plan the best programs that people will want to get more involved with, and also use the same organizations that have been used and referenced in the past.  Please feel free to email me or even call me up if you have any ideas or if you just want to talk, don't be shy!"

Avi Kessler
Pirsum (advertising)
"Hi, my name is Avi Kessler and I am your Pirsum. I am currently in 11th grade at Golda Och Academy (formerly known as Solomon Schechter) in West Orange. I have been going there ever since I was 4 years old. I have been involved in Young Judaea ever since I was 8, attending regular West Orange club events and fall and spring camps as well. I have been attending Young Judaea Camps since I was ten years old and can call those camps my second home. Last year, I served on the Essex County Mazkirut as a Bogrim Programmer, and have also helped write the peulot for the younger kids. I also was a staff for Fall Camp at Camp Sprout Lake for the younger kids and I actually was one of four people who wrote and planned Spring Camp. Also, I have spent this year writing both the Ofie-Tsofie Updates as well as the Bogrim Weekly Newsletters. I also play Varsity baseball and basketball for my high school and that teamwork has definitely helped me work in a mazkirut atmosphere as well. I look forward to using this teamwork on the regional level."