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We ALL know which region is the best, and cheers are the best way to prove it! See all the great Ganei Yehudah cheers below, and practice before any Fall/Spring camp, convention, or camp!

The New Jersey Beat

We've got the beat
uh huh
that New Jersey beat
it goes...
bang bang
clap clap
snap snap
clap clap
bang clap snap clap

Glory Ganei Yehudah

Ganei Yehudah, stand up and shout
we've got a region that we can shout about
we've searched the country from coast to coast
and wherever we went, it was evident that we have cause to boast

We are sure are ezor [region] will last through the year
we'll shout it out so everybody hears
We've got clubs, conventions, camps, and when all is said and done
Our ezor [region] is number one

Glory, glory, Ganei Yehudah x3
our ezor [region] is number one

A Region that is Hotter than Hot

Leader: My name is [insert name] and you know what I've got?
Everyone: What do you got?
Leader: I got a region that is hotter than hot
Everyone: How hot is hot?
Leader: Great clubs, and leaders too
Everyone: uh huh, uh huh
Leader: [insert someone's name]'s from New Jersey too!



My eyes have seen the burning and destruction of the south
Their plantations are on fire and they're suffering from the drought
We've won the war once, and we'll win the war again
The north is number one

Glory, glory, ha'tzafon [the north] x3
the north is number one