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About Us

What is Young Judaea?
Founded in 1909, Young Judaea is a peer-led Zionist youth movement. Young Judaea also holds the ideals of social action, Jewish identity, and pluralism (non-partisan and non-denominational). Young Judaea offers programs from 2nd grade through college. For more information about Young Judaea, visit www.youngjudaea.org.

What is Ganei Yehudah?
Ganei Yehudah is the New Jersey region of Young Judaea. There are 14 other regions in the country.

What kind of programs does Young Judaea offer?
Young Judaea has clubs (local programs), regional (New Jersey) events, merchav (Northeast) conventions, national conventions, summer camps (junior: Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake, and senior: Camp Tel Yehudah), Israel summer programs, Israel college programs, and beyond college.

How do I get updates about Young Judaea events?
If you attended a Young Judaea camp this summer or have been to a Ganei Yehudah event, you will already receive our emails. If you haven't, you can sign up by filling out our online form. By filling out this online form you can also choose to receive our weekly newsletter, which you can also read here.

Is there a membership fee?
Ganei Yehudah offers membership cards that cost $18 for Ofarim (grades 2-5), $36 for Tsofim (grades 6-7), and $36 for Bogrim (grades 8-12). You may attend Young Judaea events without a membership card, however by purchasing a card, you can attend all regional (NJ) and club events for free. In order to become a member, you must fill out our online form. Then you can either receive the card and pay the fee via mail or at the next event you attend. For more information click here.

Does Ganei Yehudah offer scholarships?
Ganei Yehudah offers scholarships for BOGRIM (grades 8-12) northeast winter and spring conventions based on financial need. In order to receive a scholarship, you must fill out our online scholarship form by the given deadline. Scholarship forms will be open to you when registration for conventions are open.

Who is the leadership of Ganei Yehudah?
The mazkirut (executive board) is elected each year at Northeast Spring Convention. The board consists of seven 9th-12th graders who are responsible for planning all Ganei Yehudah events throughout the year. To learn about this years mazkirut, click here. Many other leadership opportunities are also available throughout the year.

What is the "New" and independent Young Judaea?
For more information about the historic vote and the "New" Young Judaea, please click here.