Venturing Crew 276 Has Been Busy

posted May 12, 2014, 7:29 AM by Mark Rozek   [ updated Oct 19, 2014, 7:35 AM ]

ANDOVER, NJ-On April 26 Crew 276 gathered at Hillside Park in Andover to get the necessary equipment and road assignment for Clean Communities’ day.  They then headed off to clean up the length of Goodale Road ending at the Lakeland Emergency Squad, their charter organization’s building.

"This event was a great one to do because we got to help Andover Township and we got to have a fun hike while doing so," said Stephen Rozek, Venture Crew Secretary.

For safety, they had designated flaggers in the front and in the back of the line of people picking up trash so that they could warn the cars that the scouts were there.  Both trash and recycling was collected for proper disposal.  The scouts thought the best job of the day was using the metal grabber picker claw to retrieve difficult to reach items.   

"All in all, it was a great thing to do, not to mention a lot of fun and reinforce the points of the Boys Scouts’ Leave No Trace principle," says  Rozek. "The next time that Andover has a Clean Community’s Day, you can expect Crew 276 to be there, ready and willing."


On April 30, Venture Crew 276 members gathered at the Branchville Fire Department to prepare for the night to come.  Crew 276 took on the challenge teaching both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts on the topic of Emergency Preparedness.  Each level of the Boy Scouts of Americorganization was present.  The event was opened with songs and skits. Next, there were several different stations set up for teachingvarious scouting topics.  These stations included Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Shooting Safety and Rock Climbing Knots. 

Crew member Stephen Rozek, who organized the event, also arranged to have Saint Barnabas bring their Fire Safety House for all to tour.  The Fire Safety House is a miniature house in a trailer. It has a kitchen, living room and a second floor with many different items that could be dangerous fire hazards.  The scouts had to identify those hazards. 

The Branchville Volunteer Fire Department also had members at the station who setup a demonstration of their gear and equipment.  They showed the scouts how the equipment and gear were used, how much it weighs.  Additionally, the firefighters gave the scouts a tour of the trucks.  "Hands-on learning experience is the best way to learn and the firefighters taught us well," said Rozek.

Emergency Preparedness is such a vital topic, the Boy Scouts of America has an entire Eagle Rank required Merit Badge devoted to it.


On May 7 Venture Crew 276 gathered at the Newton Driving Rang for a tour, to hit some golf balls and to have their monthly meeting.  Owner Ian Kunesch gave the scouts a tour before they got started hitting balls.  The tour was interactive, fun and informational.  Kunesch showed the scouts the equipment used to maintain the range and the jobs necessary to keep the range operational.  He said that he supports scouts and was happy they came to visit.  For some of the Crew members, this was the first time they had ever hit a golf ball, other than mini golf. 

"We had great fun having our meeting outside, of course.  We are scouts," said Rozek.