Local scout creating ceremony for old flags

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:10 AM by Mark Rozek

ANDOVER — Girl Scout Emily Brothman has chosen a Silver Award Project aimed at helping the community while honoring our country and veterans.  Emily, 13, of Andover Borough, has made boxes available to the public to collect old, worn or torn American Flags so that they may be retired in a respectful manner with a proper ceremony.

Her idea came from a small flag she found lying in a parking lot this winter. She said, "It occurred to me that there could be many people who may have a flag in a closet or one that is ready to be replaced after this harsh winter and may not know a Scout who can take care of it for them," Brothman said.  Collection boxes are in place in the Andover Post Office in the Gristmill Plaza off Rt. 206, and the Andover Borough Municipal Building, located at 137 Main St.  Boxes are also available for families of the Andover Regional School system in the FMB and LPS lobbies.  Anyone donating an American Flag with sentimental meaning may attach a note which will be read at the ceremony. Notice of the ceremony will be published and all veterans are welcome to attend.