Anna Aleksejeva, d.o.b.: 04/05/1983 
Many FCI groups handler.Great Danes and English Bulldogs breeder.
Adress: Anninmuizas bulv. 38-1-13A Lv-1067, Riga, Latvia

Telephone: +371-29649601    ; +371-25856631 (RUS,LV,ENG)

I've had dogs since i was a child. My family loved the dogshows so we always had dogs of show class in our home. First dog that i remember was a blue Great Dane Greda who'll always be in my heart. Then we had Miniature schnauzer (pepper/salt), Welsh terrier, Doberman, English Bulldogs. 

Now I have Great Danes and English bulldogs. Also I co-own few dogs.



My preferences:

I like: 

  • show temperament
  • productive movement

I don't like: 

  • not sereously attetude of owner side, with getting the dog ready for the show 

    My favorite handling breeds:

  • Great Danes 
  • English bulldogs 
  • Deutcher Shaeferhund 
  • Chineese Crested Dogs 
  • Podengo Ibicenco
  • Pharaon Hound
  • And all of other with fast and productive movement...

I'm not accepting: 

  • Aggresive dogs
  • Not socializated dogs 
  • Using of prohibited medcine, matters.

    Other info about me"DE OLVIG"