Union County YAM 2020

Union County YAM Exhibit
Dates: February 25th to March 20th
Location: The Plaza @Liberty Hall Center
1085 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ

Union County Art Teachers,
Thank you for stopping by our NEW Union County YAM website.  You will find EVERYTHING you need to participate in the Union County Youth Art Month Exhibit HERE! 
Planning for the 2020 Union County Youth Art Month (YAM) Exhibit is underway!  
This exhibit is sponsored by the Art Educators of NJ (AENJ), and is a benefit of being a member of AENJ.  

For invites and letters for your students, please go to the Teacher Files for UC YAM Page
For more detailed rules and ways to participate, go to What You NEED to Know Page!

To find out more about NJ YAM, go to http://www.aenj.org/pages/yam

 Also If you are planning on participating this year, please fill out the form found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1daOEEscVEdRxRClO-uZui_pKn8TNPZnAvduSwoPTpkU/viewform   

Please fill it out for each piece you are submitting.  This form will be used to send out official invites to your students and for our database.

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