It was a scavenger hunt.

Jenny found a note when she got home from a tennis lesson that said, "It is a big night my love! Take a shower and put on a comfortable dress. Then have a fruity snack. Love, Mystery Man."

She was supposed to find a crossword puzzle next to her favorite frozen strawberry Popsicle snack. The crossword puzzle was supposed to send her to my parent's place...but this is when things started going a bit haywire. She ate a banana, searched in the cabinet, searched in the vegetable cupboard, but could not find another clue.

The limo was not supposed to come into the story until 3 clues later, but unfortunately, she couldn't find the next clue. After some time, the limo driver also mistakenly buzzed her to come downstairs because "her driver is here." The Limo driver was supposed to be hiding in the back of our parking lot.

Therefore, in her sun dress, she ran downstairs once the "driver" called her. Then, with the driver confused, and Jenny confused, they both called me. I told the driver not to let her go, and I told Jenny to go upstairs and find a COLD fruity snack. :)

Anyway, she found the frozen snack, and in her excitement, she broke a bottle of salad dressing on the kitchen floor. In addition, she could not solve the crossword puzzle. She called me back and I walked her through parts of it, and then she made her way to my parent's place.

At my parent's place, my Mom told her that a mystery man left something for her downstairs. She found a maze with a rose downstairs. The maze led her to a few phone numbers.

Unfortunately, in my Dad's excitement, he decided to join Jenny on the scavenger hunt. He tried to grab the maze from her and accidentally told her the next clue.
Jenny was too excited to actually complete the maze, so she called one of her friends and asked what the next clue is.

Jenny's friend, Addi, told her the next clue, and she went downstairs and got in the limo ... This was Jenny's first time in a limo!

The limo driver gave her a note with a poem... Jenny thought she was coming back to our apartment, but the Limo driver was instructed to drive somewhere else.

Finally, Jenny made it to Squire's Castle, a beautiful part of North Chagrin Metropark with a castle in the background. I was waiting there with a bagel and lox picnic, fruit, cheese, wine, coals (for fire), and smores (her favorite dessert.)

I got on one knee and proposed, and a bunch of people who were watching from the castle started applauding.

She said yes, and we had a wonderful picnic.

It was an absolutely perfect evening and neither of us could have asked for more. Thank you to all of you for your support! (Here are pictures: http://tinyurl.com/6h2csp )