Mountain Madness - Sept 23, 2017

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The Mountain Madness 50K
Sept 23, 2017

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We will sell out at 200 runners

Also, 25K option and the friendlier 7 Mile fun run

Shepherd Lake Recreation Area, Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, NJ 07456

You can plug in Morris Rd. Ringwood NJ into mapping software.  That will get you into the park.  Follow Morris to the 2 Eagle Statues and turn left on Shepherd Pond Road.  Follow Shepherd Pond Rd to the end and park  Start is next to Shepherd Pond.


Write up of the 2012 MoMa 50K with video
Chris Focacci author, Joe Azze video (Mountain Peak Fitness)

The 50K course begins inside Shepherd Lake Recreation Area Parking lot.  The course will be marked along blazed trail ways using survey tape to direct you on the correct path.  Water/aid points on course.  More details below on Aid.  There is approximately 5000' of elevation gain over the entire 50km.
Walkers WILL NOT finish the 50K course in under the time limit of 9 hours.  Walkers are welcome to compete in the friendlier 7 Mile fun run or the 25 km course.

This course will be challenging but not impossible.  The entire course will be well marked on currently blazed paths through out Ringwood State Park.  All photos on this site and Facebook are taken from the course.  There are rocks on almost every part of the entire course.  Some parts are big rocks while some parts are almost crushed gravel.  There are parts that are soft dirt or paved roads.  The course is not easy but on single track paths that are constantly changing elevation up and down. 

Suggestion:  Buy the 2009 NYNJTC Map set that covers the course HERE  Every trail and Aid Station will be on that map.

The park has toilets, covered pavilion, picnic tables, and kids’ playground, plenty of parking.... Bring lawn chairs or blankets to relax after you're done running! This event happens rain or shine --be prepared for anything!

Registration includes parking pass, 50K finishers medal and food for survivors.  


Registration table opens at 8:00am  

Fees:  50K - $85     25K - $65    7 Mile - $45

(all fees increase $10 on 5/18 and another $10 on 7/27)

Race day registration will increase by $10

2016 Registration

**For ALL races; you can receive a 50% refund until 8 weeks before race date.  After that NO REFUNDS. 
** If you transfer your bib to another runner, please contact us with the new runner's information ASAP.

Any questions please email Rick or Jennifer at


Here are a couple of signs seen at one of the Aid Stations.  I just wanted you to be aware of what is possible.  I have not seen bears or snakes during my time in the woods.  Ticks are more common when you get off trail.  The entire course is on marked trails.

Aid Stations and approximate mileage to each.  The number is total from the beginning for the 50KM.

Total Leg Aid Station
5.25 5.25 AS 1
3.4 AS 2
12.5 3.85 AS 3
15.6 3.15 AS 4
18.75 3.15 AS 5
24.2 5.4 AS 6
31.6 7.4 Finish

NO DROP BAGS.  You will pass the Start / Finish area around mile 24.2

Spreadsheet for you to figure out your own estimated times

Garmin Data of the 2013 Mountain Madness 50K

Awards: M&F top three overall winners

Finishers medals for first 100 50K finishers.

All races start and finish at the parking area at the Shepherd Lake Recreation Area

Course Map

Here are notes, race distances are not exact;

The 7 Mile course is the last portion of the 50K course, also known as the entire Mountain Bike Course (seen as Pink on the map). 

The 25K loop is the center loop.  You will run from the Start area directly to AS1 and then to AS 4.  When you leave AS4 you will return to Camp Yaw Paw and AS 5 and then back to the Finish.   The total mileage is closer to 27-28K.  Total Elevation gain is around 3000'.

50K Course:  Start at Shepherd Lake, run on the Carriage Path to Red, follow Red to Blue to Cannonball into AS1.  Follow Cannonball to Yellow to AS2, turn around and follow Orange out of the aid station.  Orange will run through camp Glen Grey, just stay on Orange.  It will eventually overlap with Yellow.  Follow both for a short while then stay on Yellow into Camp Yaw Paw for AS3.  Take the access road down through Camp and pick up Orange which you follow all the way to AS4. Turn around and run EXACTLY back to Camp Yaw Paw for AS 5.  Exit that aid station and stay on Cannonball going North until  White (on LEFT).  Follow white all the way back to the Botanical Gardens where survey tape will take you back to Shepherd Lake.  For the last 7 Miles you will follow the Bike Loop (indicated by pink on the map).  Total Elevation gain about 5000'.  Net Elevation 0'.

50K runners must leave AS 6 by 4:00p or be cut off.

Race Rules:

Race Officials have the right to remove any runner from the course deemed necessary for their safety and the safety of all others.  If you have not reached certain Aid Stations by appropriate times you will be asked to leave the course.

All participants/attendees/pacers/crews must adhere to the following rules:

– Numbers must be visible on the outside and front of runners’ clothing.
– Any runner dropping out of the race must notify a volunteer at a manned Aid Station. The athlete will be responsible for paying a large bill if a Search and Rescue team is sent out on their behalf and they are not on the race course.
– All Runners: It is your responsibility to check in and out at each Aid Station.
– Absolutely no littering. If you or your pacer abandons anything (e.g., drink cups, gel packets, banana peels, clothes, etc.) on the race course, you will be disqualified. Bury human waste at least six inches deep, 200 feet from water sources and 50 feet from any trail.
– Only attempt to pass another runner when it is safe for both you and the other runner to do so.
– When passing another runner, make every attempt to pass on their left, unless it is unsafe. Announce your intention to pass by saying, “passing on your left” (or right, if it is unsafe to pass on their left).
– Provided it is safe to do so, you must yield to any runner who announces his/her intention to pass, by stepping off the trail.
– Be prepared to share the trail with runners coming from the opposite direction.
– Be prepared to share some of the trails with bikes coming from either direction.
– Violating any of these rules will result in runner disqualification.

Race Day Message:
We just wanted to send out a note to all runners that are pre registered for this weekend's Mountain Madness.  If you know any additional runners who have not yet registered please pass along this email.  Family and friends are more than welcome to come cheer you on.  The course is not very spectator friendly but there are lots of trails for them to explore or playgrounds to entertain them.

It begins 60 minutes before your start time.

Start times
50K - 9:00am
25K - 10:00am
7 Miler- 10:30am

We are VERY punctual
when it comes to start times.  We will not hold up the start for any reason.  Please be at the starting line 10 minutes early to hear our pre race briefing.

Please pick up your chip at registration.  Attach your chip to your ankle.  Remember to return it when you are done. There is a $100 replacement cost.

–  All preregistered participants are guaranteed a wicking shirt with a race day logo on the front and a generic NJ Trail Series logo on the back.(subject to change)

The first 100 50K finishers will receive a unique finishers medal.


Aid Stations:

We are trying to be as green as possible.  To help us do this you can bring your own hand held water bottle to fill and carry with you.  Do not throw ANYTHING on the trail.  There will be garbage bags at every aid station for your refuse.  If we see any of you throw anything on the trail or ground you will be disqualified and given a DNF.

Finish Line Etiquette:
Please do NOT talk to the Finish Line personnel.  Their ability to give an accurate time to all participants demands their complete attention.  Just because you are done running does not mean everyone else has finished and they are just as concerned with getting an accurate time as you.

Official Times

All runners must be done with their respective race by 6:00pm. This allows an 9 hour race for the 50K and 6.5 hours for the 25K and 7 Mile.

This designation will be given to any runner who fails to meet the official cut off time.

Awards and After:

Awards will begin around 12:00 - 12:30 for the 7 Mile, 1:30 - 2:00 for the 25K, and whenever enough runners are in for the 50K.
Please stick around and have a good time.  It could be a sunny day so bring a blanket or chair, relax, meet some new friends, talk about the trail and what great race directors we are.

Last but not least:
Please remember to have fun. NJ Trail Series events are all about having fun and not running a PR.   Each course is ready for you to run a PR but please take your time, check your footing (we don’t want to patch you up after falling on rocks) and have fun.

See you on Saturday.
Jennifer McNulty
NJ Trail Series



What will be served at the Aid Station?

All aid stations will have similar items if not exactly the same things.  This will include your normal ultra fare of sugary stuff, salty stuff, carbs and fruit.  There will be water. Some of the later stations will have soda.

 Make sure you leave no trash on the course.  This includes at Aid Stations as well as in the middle between stations.  No one is volunteering to pick up after you. 

 Are aid stations accessible to family and friends?

Every Aid Station is accessible by car so your family or crew can see you many times during the day.  Parking issues may arise at AS#5 due to the fact that this parking lot is very popular with other trail users.  Please be considerate of others and do not block any one in or stay there unnecessarily long. 

Clothing, drop bags, extra items left on course?

Nothing will automatically be returned to you.  If you leave it on course you are accepting that you will never see that item again.  All aid station volunteers will clean up their station and bring me their garbage and left items.  If I see anything I deem worthy of saving I will hold onto it for up to one month.  It is your responsibility to get it back.  Anything after that time will be donated.

Next chance to have this much fun?

Check NJ Trail Series website,


Results will be posted by the end of Monday following the race.

Award Ceremony?

Awards will be given when an appropriate number of runners have come in off the course.  This is different for every race and I cannot tell you exactly when awards will be given.

Are there cutoff times and a course sweeper?

Yes for both.  You need to maintain a 16:00 pace to avoid being cutoff.  There will be a sweeper on the course maintaining a 17:00 pace.  If she passes you your bib will be marked and your time will not count.  You need to leave AS#6 by 4:00 or be cutoff.  This will remove 7 miles from the course.

Can I drop from the race?

If you want to drop from the race you are responsible for getting yourself back to the finish line and telling the timers you are no longer on the course.  You will be given a DNF and we will not go searching for you after the race is finished.  If you decide to not tell us you left the course and sneak home to watch football on the couch with a beer in your hand you will be charged the cost of the rescue effort dispatched on your behalf to save you from the hungry bears.  In addition you will be banned from all future NJ Trail Series races.

What happens if I fall on the course and cannot get up?

If you are not the last person on the course someone will eventually pass you and you can tell them to send help.  If you fall over and die please stay close to the trail and land on your back so others can see your bib number and tell us who you are.  If you die you will also be banned from all future NJ Trail Series races.


The sign says that pets are allowed on leash and under control of the owner at all times.  The race director would like to keep the trail pet free.  This is due to the strenuous nature of the trail in addition to the width of the trails.  If a dog is running next to it’s master there is little room for another runner to pass.

Can I switch distance once the race has begun?

No, you will receive a time in the event you entered or a DNF.

Are there any toilet facilities along the trail?

There are permanent facilities at the Start/Finish area and at AS #4.  If you need to use nature please be considerate of others and any flowing water sources.

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