2012 January 12 Meeting minutes

Present: Ron Becker, Ben Beede, Chris Dorey, Emma Hulse, Brooke Hunter, Bonita Craft Grant, Paul Israel, Maxine Lurie, Marc Mappen, Fernanda Perrone, Laura M. Poll, Lorraine Waldron, Richard Waldron, Gary Saretzky, Carla Zimmerman

Maxine Lurie convened the meeting at 3:12pm in the Pane Room of the Alexander Library.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bonita Grant stated that the account balance is $1,068.40. Cash on hand is $84.05.05. The report was approved.

Old Business

Membership: Carla Zimmerman reported that the NJSAA has 75 paid members, five of which are new since our last meeting. Maxine with Carla’s help will contact unpaid members on our roster.

Committee on author awards: The award recipients were announced at the previous NJSAA meeting, at which time three of the four recipients gave presentations. The committee has been working on a revision of the guidelines for 2012. After much discussion, it was decided not to add a category for children’s books. The committee is considering whether to eliminate the fiction category.

Committee on the Award for a Librarian: Ron Becker stated that Bonita Grant had received the award for 2011. The committee already has a large number of previous nominations and expects more, so there will be a good field to choose from for the 2012 award.

Committee on Teaching Awards: At the NJHC Annual Conference, the teaching award was presented to Professor Robert McGreevey of the College of New Jersey history department for his work teaching an undergraduate research seminar on the history of Trenton. Dick Waldron and Alan Lucibello will work on publicizing the award for 2012.

Stellhorn Award Committee: Dick Waldron presented proposed guidelines for 2012; a motion to approve these guidelines was adopted. There was a welcome increase in applications last year – the largest number ever. For the first time the awards were presented at the NJHC annual conference, at which all recipients were present.

NJSAA Lecture Series: Bonita Grant has a list of people who would like to speak and is seeking more. Contact her if you are interested.

Proposal for an award for a graduate student paper: Paul Israel is working on this project.

IRS Issue: Maxine Lurie stated that this is a priority. We are a recognized New Jersey nonprofit, but do not yet have Federal recognition.

History Issues Convention: The event will be held on March 30. The topic will be the care of collections and will have a session on New Jersey history day. Ron Becker is on the planning committee.

NJ History Day: Maxine Lurie reported that regional NJHD competitions will be held at Princeton on March 3, Rider on March 24, and Seton Hall on March 31. The finals will be held at William Paterson University on the first Saturday in May. This program is a growing area of history. Volunteers are being sought to serve as judges.

New Business

Bonita Grant suggested that we move our account to Magyar Savings Bank, which offers more services to non-profits than our current bank. It was agreed that she should go ahead with this.

The twentieth anniversary of the NJSAA is coming up this year. At least we think so – Bonita will check the files. Dick Waldron, Bonita Grant, and Carla Zimmerman agreed to form a committee to look into an anniversary celebration, which could be held around March 20.

Member News: Sybil Moses sent a notice about her new book on black women in American history and culture. Gray Satretsky announced that Archives and History Day will be held this year on Saturday, October 13. The Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series will be held on February 18 at Rutgers-Newark; the theme will be African Americans in Medicine and Health. The Alexander Library exhibit on New Jersey railroads will be coming down this week.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:15pm so that members could hear a presentation by Emma Hulse, one of the winners of the Stellhorn Award, and then Alison Isenberg who mentored the other two winners (one while at Rutgers and the other while at Princeton).

Next meeting will be held Wednesday April 25, with the speaker TBA.

Respectfully submitted

Marc Mappen

Permanent Temporary Secretary