2019 February 5

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Benjamin R. Beede, Marilyn Campbell, Bonita Grant, Paul Israel, Maxine Lurie, Christie Lutz, Tara Maharjan, Jessica Myers, Laura Poll, Michele Rotunda, Gary Saretzky, Bob Vietrogoski, Richard Waldron, Lorraine Williams

Treasurer (Dick Waldron): Report circulated. Closing balance as of 2/1/19 was $6904.55.

Development Committee (Jessica Myers): Distinguished Service Award description and criteria completed. Motion passed (with one abstention) to name the award the Maxine Lurie Distinguished Service Award. Second motion unanimously passed to enact the award. The committee consists of Gary Saretzky, Jessica Myers, and Dick Waldron. Karl Niederer will be asked to join the committee.

Membership (Tara Maharjan): No updates since last report.

Website/Facebook Page (Tara Maharjan): 181 Facebook followers.

Committee on Author Awards: No report

Committee on the Roger McDonough Librarianship Award (Bob Vietrogoski): Karl Niederer is now Chair. Vietrogoski will stay on for the rest of the year, but a new committee member will be needed in the fall.

Committee on Teaching Awards: No report

Stellhorn Award Committee – for Undergraduate Papers (Dick Waldron): Deadline is June 1. E-mail announcement will be going out next week. (Week of 2/11)

Graduate Student Papers Award (Paul Israel): E-mails to graduate chairs of history departments in NJ will be going out, as well as the revised award description. Israel will write to chairs of dissertations with NJ themes.

Student Research Grant (Bob Vietrogoski): Paul Israel, Michele Rotunda and Karl Niederer will serve on the committee, Vietrogoski distributed charge to the committee. Question remains as to how many awards to give out. Applicants will need to provide a budget. Question also arose as to how to broadcast availability of the award to community colleges and high schools.

Future meetings (Laura Poll): 2019 schedule of events circulated. The next meeting on April 11 will feature a panel of NJSAA and Teacher Award winners. Please advise L. Poll of any ideas/suggestions for 2020.

New Business:

NJSAA will approach Melissa Ziobro about the possibility of publishing NJ History Day winners in New Jersey Studies.

Saretzky announced that Monmouth County Archives and History Day will be held on October 12, 2019.

Following the business meeting, Carla Cielo spoke on “Domestic Outbuildings of Northwest Central New Jersey.”

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christie Lutz.