2018 October 16 meeting minutes

Attendees: Robert Allen, Ron Becker, Marilyn Campbell, Patricia Donahue, Raymond Frey, Marc Grappel, Bonita Grant, Paul Israel, John Kozimbo, Bill Kroth, Denise Kroth, Cate Litvack, Jon Lurie, Maxine Lurie, Christie Lutz, Jessica Myers, Karl Niederer, Larry Nian..?, Laura Poll, Michele Rotunda, Gary Saretzky, Bob Vietrogoski, Lorraine Waldron, Richard Waldron, Sonia Yaco

Treasurer (Dick Waldron): Final FY 2018 (April 18-June 30) and July 1-October 15, 2018 reports circulated. Closing balance as of 10/15/2018 is $7249.55. Gary Saretzky’s generous gift was acknowledged.

Development Committee (Jessica Myers): The new Student Research Grant Program was discussed (handout circulated), in particular the due dates for applications and reports, and the number of grants and particulars around funding them. Further discussions will be left to the new committee. New due dates suggested as follows:

Spring: Applications open February 15 - March 15, 2019 / Decision by April 1, 2019

Fall: Applications open September 15 - October 15, 2019 / Decision by November 1, 2019

Vote taken, and motion to go ahead with the new award with revised application dates passed unanimously. The Student Research Grant Program Committee will be Paul Israel (Chair), Michele Rotunda, and Karl Niederer. These are one-year appointments.

Membership (Karl Niederer for Tara Maharjan): The transition is ongoing from Karl to Tara.

Website/Facebook Page (Bob V. for Tara Maharjan): 175 Facebook likes. Bob and Tara have been working on shifting website content and making the site more user-friendly. Most of the site needs a refresh, and Bob and Tara continue to consult on it.

Committee on Author Awards (Bob V. for Deborah Mercer): Work continues, and the awards will be presented at the 12/6/18 meeting.

Committee on the Roger McDonough Librarianship Award (Bob V.): There are four holdover nominees from previous years. The committee (Bob Vietrogoski, Elsalyn Palmisano, Karl Niederer, and Don Cornelius) will discuss returning to previous deadline, which proved to be problematic this year.

Committee on Teaching Awards (Raymond Frey): 1100 e-mails were sent to primary schools through colleges, including charter schools, and the result was two responses. More targeted contacts will be made for next round, focused on schools that have NJ-related courses. This year’s winners is Robert Schulte of Neptune Township High School. He will receive his award,

for a project on Hurricane Sandy and government response, at the New Jersey History Forum on November 2.

Stellhorn Award Committee – for Undergraduate Papers (Dick Waldron): This year’s winners are:

Term/Seminar Paper: Caleb Dagnall, Kean University, “Statehood and Sovereignty: A Case Study of William Livingston from Philosophe to Federalist.” Nominated by Elizabeth Hyde.

Senior Thesis: E. Rosie Driscoll, The College of New Jersey, “Without the Least Provision”: Black and Desegregationist Resistance to Systemic Racial Discrimination in Private and Public Housing in Trenton, New Jersey, 1938-1965.” Nominated by Robert McGreevey.

Dick circulated a newsletter with updates from past Stellhorn winners. These represent about half the winners he contacted.

Graduate Student Papers Award: (Paul Israel) The committee received one submission, and did not feel it was deserving of an award. Paul looked through ProQuest for theses on New Jersey subjects, and found about a dozen - four at Drew. He will target these professors and encourage them to ask students to submit their papers.

NJSAA Lecture Series & schedule of future events (Laura Poll): The schedule of upcoming events was circulated. The December meeting, which will feature a panel of Author Award winners, will be on Thursday the 6th, 4:15pm. The February meeting will feature Carla Cielo on “Domestic Outbuildings in New Jersey,” and the April meeting will feature a panel of award winners.

New Business and Member News: Ron Becker introduced Sonia Yaco, the new Associate Director of Special Collections and University Archives at Rutgers.

Meeting adjourned at 4:03pm.

Following the business meeting, William Kroth, president of Sterling Hill Mining Museum, spoke on “New Jersey Zinc Mines and the Preservation of Sterling Hill,” and demonstrated fluorescent minerals from Sussex County.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christie Lutz.