2018 February 6 meeting minutes

Attendees: E. Kim Adams, Chris Becker, Benjamin Beede, Marilyn Campbell, Barbara Egan, Bob Egan, Paul Israel, Maxine Lurie, Christie Lutz, Tara Maharjan, Sandra Moss, Jessica Myers, Fernanda Perrone, Laura Poll, Gary Saretzky, Gordon Shochet, Bob Vietrogoski

Minutes of 12/6/2017 approved.

Development Committee (Jessica Myers):

· Brochure: committee would like to revise the brochure. Numerous proposed revisions were discussed around how to list awards and options for contributions, and how contributions would be tracked. With input from those present at meeting, the committee decided that a revision of the brochure will include a notation as to where donations will be distributed. Will be noted under “Enclosed is a tax-deductible donation…” that donation will go to Stellhorn and Graduate Student Paper awards.

· NJSAA Research Grant: Jessica circulated draft requirements. It was suggested that the Development Committee separate this proposal from development proposals as it is about spending, not raising money. The Committee will consider a fundraising event, and will work on a very specific proposal for the student research award, as well as a strategic plan that can include fundraising.

Treasurer's Report (Maxine Lurie for Richard Waldron): Report circulated. Closing balance as of 2.6.2018 is $2020.63.

Membership Report (Karl Niederer via e-mail): 85 members have paid dues for the current year. 17 members in unpaid status were sent second dues reminder notices. There are 4 new members who have joined since July 2017. Membership roster is complete and updated from 2015-16 through 2022-23.

Website/Facebook Page (Tara Maharjan): 170 Facebook followers. Tara put out a call on Facebook for Stellhorn Award submissions.

Committee on Author Awards (Maxine Lurie for Deborah Mercer): Deborah is in the process of contacting authors and an announcement will go out soon. NJ Historical Commission Grants and Prizes Committee would still like to collaborate with NJSAA, and Deborah will work with Sara Cureton on this.

Committee on the Roger McDonough Librarianship Award No report.

Committee on Teaching Awards No report.

Stellhorn Award Committee – for Undergraduate Papers No report. Maxine noted that the latest issue of New Jersey Studies includes one of the 2017 award-winning papers,“Scarlet Knights, Red Crusade: An Analysis of the Great Red Scare at Rutgers—New Brunswick,” by Thomas R. Federowicz, Rutgers University.

Graduate Student Papers Award (Paul Israel): Paul will post monthly on H-Net. On behalf of the committee, Gary put forward a proposal to name the award for Maxine Lurie. Since it would currently be a conflict of interest, the matter will be revisited at a later date.

NJSAA Lecture Series & schedule of future events (Laura Poll): The 2018 schedule of events through August was circulated. The April meeting, scheduled for Tuesday the 17th, will feature student paper and teaching award winners. Laura solicited ideas for the October lecture (date TBA). The December meeting (date TBA) will feature a panel of author award winners.

New Business and Member News: None reported.

Following the business meeting Sandra Moss spoke on the polio epidemic of 1916 in Newark.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christie Lutz