2018 December 6

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Betty Adams, Kim Adams, Marilyn Campbell, Bob Craig, Paul Israel, Maxine Lurie, Christie Lutz, Tara Maharjan, Deborah Mercer, Gary Saretzky, Julia Telonidis, Bob Vietrogoski,

Treasurer (Bob Vietrogoski for Dick Waldron): Report circulated. Closing balance as of 12/4/18 was $6904.55.

Development Committee (Gary Saretzky for Jessica Myers): A written proposal regarding the specifics of the Distinguished Service Award will be submitted at the February meeting.

Membership (Tara Maharjan): The transition is ongoing from Karl Niederer to Tara. Membership renewals have not gone out. We have one new member since last report.

Website/Facebook Page (Tara Maharjan): 180 Facebook likes. Website update still in progress. Bob noted that he had looked at FB insights, and saw that the post on Gary Saretzky’s photography retrospective had a reach of 940, 73 clicks, and 56 reactions/comments/shares. Bob suggested that this shows we need more posts related to NJSAA, not strictly NJSAA items. Send any relevant items to Bob, Tara, or Laura Poll for posting.

Committee on Author Awards (Deborah Mercer): The committee received 10 submissions this year, down from 17 last year, but the caliber was higher this year. Additionally, this year’s winners clearly stood out from the rest of the submissions.

Committee on the Roger McDonough Librarianship Award (Bob Vietrogoski): Karl will take over as chair next year. (NJSAA chair should not be chair of a committee.) There will likely not be a 2018 award.

Committee on Teaching Awards (Bob Vietrogoski for Raymond Frey): Awards were given at the New Jersey History Forum. Moving forward, submissions should be solicited via Facebook in addition to the usual outlets. It was also suggested that nominees should be carried over from previous years for consideration.

Stellhorn Award Committee – for Undergraduate Papers (Bob Vietrogoski for Dick Waldron): Awards were given at the New Jersey History Forum. The winners will present at the April 2019 NJSAA meeting.

Graduate Student Papers Award (Paul Israel): Awards were not given this year. Jonathan Lurie has re-written the description, and Paul will distribute it (H-Net, etc.). Paul will also look up chairs of history departments at New Jersey colleges/universities and contact them.

Student Research Grant: No new information. (Note: further discussion will take place at the February NJSAA meeting.)

Future meetings (Bob Vietrogoski for Laura Poll): 2019 schedule of events circulated. At the next meeting, February 5th (snow date Feb. 12th), 4:15pm, Carla Cielo will speak on “Domestic

Outbuildings of Northwest Central New Jersey.” The April 11th meeting will feature a panel of award winners.

Bob pointed out the “amazing” attendance at the NJ zinc presentation, and the success of connecting with the Rutgers Geology Dept. He suggested we think about outreach for future talks. Discussion ensued about attendance and groups to target.

Following the business meeting, NJSAA Author Awards were presented to Betty Livingston Adams, author of Black Women’s Christian Activism: Seeking Social Justice in a Northern Suburb and Kathryn Watterson, author of I Hear My People Singing: Voices of African American Princeton, and the authors discussed their books.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christie Lutz.