2018 April 17 meeting minutes

Attendees: E. Kim Adams, Ron Becker, Maxine Lurie, Christie Lutz, Tara Maharjan, Jessica Myers, Karl Niederer, Fernanda Perrone, Laura Poll, Gary Saretzky, Julia Telonidis, Helene van Rossum, Bob Vietrogoski, Dick Waldron, Lorraine Williams

The group thanked Maxine Lurie for her service as NJSAA Chair and presented her with a cake.

Minutes of 2/6/2018 approved.

Nominating Committee (Karl Niederer): Karl circulated the Nominating Committee Report with the following slate of candidates for NJSAA Board:

· Chair: Bob Vietrogoski

· Secretary: Christie Lutz

· Treasurer: Richard Waldron (re-election)

· At-Large Member, Board of Directors: Julia Telonidis (re-election)

· Membership Chair: Tara Maharjan

The slate was unanimously elected. Members will serve 3-year terms beginning 9/1/2018.

Development Committee (Jessica Myers): Two action items discussed (see document), resulting in the approval of a new fundraising letter and the implementation of PayPal. A third action item, a new brochure, has already been done.

Treasurer's Report (Dick Waldron): Report circulated. Closing balance as of 4/17/2018 is $2156.63

Membership Report (Karl Niederer): Renewal reminders are planned for late May/early June, accompanied by a letter encouraging people to donate to support NJSAA. A refreshed brochure will include a PayPal link.

Website/Facebook Page (Tara Maharjan): 172 Facebook likes. Tara will set up a donate button once PayPal is ready to go.

Committee on Author Awards (Maxine Lurie for Deborah Mercer): There have been several submissions. Committee will likely extend the deadline. Please submit any suggestions to Deborah.

Committee on the Roger McDonough Librarianship Award: No report.

Committee on Teaching Awards: No report.

Stellhorn Award Committee – for Undergraduate Papers (Dick Waldron): No submissions yet. Deadline is June 1. Dick has received about 10 to 12 responses from previous winners for a newsletter about what they are doing now.

Graduate Student Papers Award: No report. Maxine noted that there are potentially two submissions and that the deadline is in the summer. A suggestion was made to send the announcement to previous undergraduate winners.

NJSAA Lecture Series & schedule of future events (Laura Poll): The 2018 schedule of events through October was circulated. The October meeting will be on Tuesday the 16th or Thursday the 18th.The December meeting, which will feature a panel of Author Award winners, will be on Thursday the 6th.

New Business and Member News: None.

Meeting adjourned at 4pm.

Following the business meeting was a panel of NJSAA award winners. Teaching Award Winner Dr. Mary Rizzo of Rutgers-Newark spoke on “Place, Community and Public Humanities.” The Paul A. Stellhorn Award for Undergraduate Papers winners Thomas Federowicz (Rutgers-New Brunswick) presented on “Scarlet Knights, Red Crusade” and Samuel Fogelgaren (The College of New Jersey) presented on “The Fight to Save the Last Frontier: Exclusionary Zoning and Environmental Protection at the Pequannock Watershed, 1975-1985.”

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christie Lutz.