2016 December 7 meeting minutes

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance

Minutes of the meeting of 7 December 2016 - corrected

Attendees: Ron Becker, Benjamin Beede, Tim Corlis, Hendrix Fisher, Raymond Frey, Bonita Grant, Paul Israel, Maxine Lurie, Christine Lutz, Tara Maharian, Jessica Myers, Laura Poll, Julia Telonidis, Helen van Rossum, Bob Vietrogoski, Matthew Walsh, Deborah Mercer

Treasurer’s Report (Richard Waldron)

Dick did not attend due to illness. He filed the 2016 IRS report. See his report for figures. Noted the need to raise more funds for awards, primarily for framing of the awards and student checks. Discussion of increasing membership fees.

Membership Report. New and renewals (Karl Niederer)

Karl was not in attendance. His written report indicated 97 active members, 8 still owe money, 5 new members, some donations thru memberships

Website/Facebook page (Tara Maharjan)

There are 148 Facebook likes. Should use Facebook to ask for donations and encourage membership, also to encourage posts related to New Jersey history.

Committee on Author Awards (Deborah Mercer)

There were 10-12 submissions with clear winners in 4 categories: scholarly, popular, reference, edited. The winners are posted on the NJSAA website. Discussion of need to revise scoring and evaluation process, and whether was an author award as opposed to book award. The issue of requiring 5 books for evaluation was discussed.

Committee on the McDonough Librarian/Archivist Award (Bob Vietrogoski)

No report as the process will begin in April.

Committee on Teaching Awards (Raymond Frey)

This year’s winner was Andy Urban of Rutgers for the class project "Invisible Restraints: Life and Labor at Seabrook Farms." Need to clarify the announcement to specify New Jersey history. Ron Becker indicated that he will nominate Debbie Cohen (History Day teacher) for K-12.

Stellhorn Award Committee – for undergraduate papers (Richard Waldron)

This year’s winners were Katharine Reed of Princeton University for Arthur Horton’s Fight Against Coeducation at Princeton: An Unsuccessful but Crucial Battle” and Audrey Berdahl-Baldwin of Princeton University for “Protecting the Lawful, Combating the Lawless: Racialized Police Violence and the 1967 Newark Uprising.”

Graduate student papers awards (Paul Israel)

Discussion of the problem of finding graduate students who are working on New Jersey projects at out of state schools. Paul will post to H-Net and also work with the New Jersey Historical Commission to contact students who submit for the Alfred E. Driscoll Dissertation Prize.

NJSAA Lecture Series. Schedule of future events (Laura Poll)

Announced that the February 28 meeting will feature Frank J. Esposito and Donald Lokuta, authors of "Victorian New Jersey: Photographs by Guillermo Thorn from the Kean University Collection. The April meeting will feature the undergraduate student papers, and the Teacher Award winner.

Development Committee (Jessica Myers)

Importance of donations from members. Need to contact corporations for donations. Maxine suggested committee draft appeal letter for fundraising, Laura will stuff NJSAA brochures into MARAC packets.

Following the meeting short talks were given by two of the four winners of this year’s Author Awards:

Non-fiction Scholarly: Molly Makris, Public Housing and School Choice in a Gentrified City: Youth Experiences of Uneven Opportunity {on Hoboken}. Reference: Joseph R. Klett, Understanding New Jersey’s Geography in the Proprietary Period.

Minutes thanks to Paul Israel