2016 April 18 meeting minutes

Attendees: Linda J. Barth, Robert H. Barth, Ron Becker, Bob and Roberta Egan, Dave Fowler, Raymond Frey, Bonita Craft Grant, Paul Israel, Braden Kelly, Brian Kelly, Jessica M. Myers, Christie Lutz, Marc Mappen, Tara Maharjan, Anthony Pasquium, Laura Poll, Michelle Rotunda, Gary Saretzky, Julia Telonidis, Bob Vietrogoski, Jeanne M. Vloyanetes, Dick Waldron, Lorraine Williams Waldron

The meeting was convened by Maxine Lurie at 4:55pm in the Pane Room of the Rutgers Alexander Library. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Membership Report: According to the report by Karl Niederer (in absentia) we now have 88 members in good standing. Karl will continue to update the roster.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Waldron announced that we now have a balance of $1538.78 – a record breaking amount for our organization.

Website Report: we want to make sure that information on the site is continually updated, such as award programs.

Author Awards: Laura Poll and Deborah Mercer are seeking to get more nominations.

Archivist Awards: Bob Vietrogoski is working on this.

Teaching Award: Raymond Frey would like to get more committee members.

Stellhorn Award: Dick Waldron has not yet received nominations.

Graduate Student Award: Paul Israel has been reaching out to department chairs.

Lecture Series: The Development Committee suggested expanding programs and venues. As a result this year a fifth program has been added, Saturday June 18th 2 pm at the Trenton Public Library (with NJSAA as the co-sponsor). The speaker will be Professor Robert McGreevey of The College of New Jersey and he will talk about his research on the Civil Rights movement in Trenton.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Wednesday October 19th at 4:45 pm, followed by presentations by New Jersey History Day student winners at 6pm. It will be in the Pane Room, Alexander Library, Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Development Committee: Jessica Meyers is working on this new effort.


It was agreed that NJSAA should participate in the New Jersey History Fair and Archives Day, and the New Jersey Historical Commission annual conference November 18-19 in Morristown.


Following the business session, Professor Phillip Papas of Union County College gave a presentation on his book Renegade Revolutionary: The Life of General Charles Lee (NYU Press, 2014).

Respectfully Submitted,

Marc Mappen