2015 April 7 meeting minutes

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance

Minutes of the April 7, 2015 meeting

Pane Room, Alexander Library

Present: Maxine Lurie, Carla Zimmerman, Michele Rotunda, Jessica Meyers, Gary Saretzky, Benjamin R. Bede, Ron Becker, Laura Poll, Julia Telonidis, Christie Lutz, Marc Mappen, Jacob Policht, Hillary Murtha, Erik Snyder, Bob Vietrogoski, Ron Becker, Maxine Lurie, chairperson, convened the meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Old Business

Treasurers Report: The most recent version of the report gives our closing balance as $925.25. We will need to come up with money for the awards that will be presented in the fall.

Membership: Carla reported that we have a new member, bringing the total to 75. Carla showed the latest premiums. A new Planning Committee has been formed, consisting of Carla Zimmerman, Laura Poll, Richard Waldron, and Christine Lutz. Carla distributed a new brochure to give out at upcoming events. These include New Jersey History Day on May 9th, Piscataway Day at East Jersey Olde Towne on May 31, Archives Day on October 3rd. Members volunteered to represent the NJSAA at these events.

Archives and History Day will be held in October. Following the meeting will be a MARAC meeting and presentation of the MARAC Innovative Archives Award.

Facebook: Laura Poll urged members to sign up for the NJSAA page on Facebook. So far there are 102 Friends (more than the paid membership!).

Committee on Author Awards. Deborah Mercer reported via email that the committee already has several submissions.

Award for a Librarian (Saretzky): there are new nomination forms; the deadline is September 1

Committee on Teaching Awards: no report

Stellhorn Award Committee for Undergraduate Papers: reminders have been sent to faculty about submissions.

Graduate Student Paper Award: no report

NJSAA Lecture Series: Laura presented ideas for future presentations. To attract people in October we will have a presentation on the Jersey Devil by Brian Regal of Kean University on the legend in the context of New Jersey politics. The Author Awards meeting will be December 2nd. There was also a discussion of a possible meeting during the summer – an event or lecture, without a business meeting.

New Business:

Maxine reported that the proposed student awards for work in historic preservation, archeology, or internship related to historic preservation has been withdrawn.

Following the business meeting, the three student winners of the 2014 Stellhorn award each presented his or her research paper:

-Brett Diehl, Princeton University, “The Story of Cezar Trent and Peter Scudder, Two Free Black Men in Ante Bellum Princeton.”

-Kellen Elizabeth Henniford, Princeton University, “Free Blacks, Freeborn Slaves, and Bondsmen in a Free State: African American Life and Black Political Action during New Jersey’s Emancipatory Period, c. 1820-1845.”

-Erik Snyder, the College of New Jersey, “Stronger than the Storm: Why the Great Atlantic Storm of 1862 Failed to Scare New Jersey from its Shore.”


Marc Mappen

NJSAA Secretary