2012 October 4 meeting minutes

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance

Meeting Minutes for 4 October 2012

In attendance: Maxine Lurie, Gordon Bond, Stephanie M. Hoagland, Ron Becker, Bonita Craft Grant, Carla Zimmerman, Julia Telonidis, Lucia McMahon,Gary Saretzsky, Benjamin R. Beede, Chad Leinaweaver (recorder)

The NJSAA met on October 4, 2012. The meeting was followed by a lecture by Stephanie Hoagland on the Doo-Wop architecture in Wildwood. The presentation was fascinating and led to discussion afterwards.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as written.

Treasurers Report (Grant). Account balance is $816.79. There was $386.61 in expenditures for the New Jersey pens, which will be sold at meetings for $4.00. Deposits since last meeting included $5.00 for memberships. Total cash on hand was $105.05 and $64.00 (from pen sales). Student awards will still need to be paid out of the current balance and the institution of the pen sales is largely to cover these awards.

Membership Report (Zimmerman). There are currently 64 paid up members with 73 on the member renewal list. There was one new member and two renewals.

Committee on Author Awards. (Leinaweaver). The Committee finished deliberations and the 2012 awards were announced:

Non-fiction scholarly category:

McCabe, Thomas A. Miracle on High Street: the Rise, Fall and Resurrection of St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, N.J., Bronx, N.Y.: Fordham University Press, 2010, 2011.

Non-fiction popular category:

Zink, Clifford W. The Roebling Legacy, Princeton: Princeton Landmark Pub., 2011.

Edited works category:

Lurie, Maxine N. New Jersey Anthology, 2nd ed. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rivergate Press, Rutgers University Press, 2010.

Reference category:

Sinclair, Donald, comp. and David Fowler, ed. Railroads and New Jersey: A Bibliography of Contemporary Publications, 1812-1901, New Brunswick: Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries, 2011.

Reproduction of primary sources category:

No nominations made.

Committee on the Award for a Librarian (Becker). Joe DaRold of the Plainfield Public Library won this year’s award, which will be given out at Archives Day in Monmouth County.

Committee on Teaching Awards (Lurie for Lucibello). There are currently two applications for the award and Alan Lucibello will forward the information onto other committee members. The goal is to present the award at the annual conference of the New Jersey Historical Commission.

Committee on the Stellhorn Awards (Lurie for Waldron). There have been seven nominations for the award, with one in the thesis category and six in the seminar category. One of the readers is still reviewing papers and the hope is to present the award at the annual conference of the New Jersey Historical Commission.

Programming (Grant). The winners of this year’s Author Awards will present at the next meeting, which is December 4th. Chad Leinaweaver will moderate the panel. Bonita asked for any suggestions for programming beyond that to be forwarded to her for a possible spring meeting.

Award for graduate scholarship (Becker for Israel). The committee recommended two winners for this year’s award, and that in the future the award should be split into two categories: one for a graduate seminar paper and another for a dissertation chapter. Everyone was in agreement with both recommendations. An amount of $150 was decided upon for this year, but to lower that to $100 for subsequent years of multiple winners. The winners will have their papers published in New Jersey History and will receive their awards at the annual conference of the New Jersey Historical Commission. Ron presented a handout defining the submission criteria for the award, the evaluation criteria, the prize awarded and the process. This year’s winners were:

Elliot, Steven. Sustaining the Revolution: Civil-Military Relations, Republicanism and the Continental Army’s 1780 Morristown Encampment, NJIT.

Lahey, Laurie. Too Much Singing: Christianity and the Limitations of Nonviolence in the Ghetto, George Washington University.

Report on non-profit status (Lurie for Waldron). Maxine reported that Dick Waldron is doing the paperwork needed to file for the institution’s non-profit status.

350th Anniversary of NJ (Lurie). Maxine reported on the 2014 anniversary celebration for the state’s 350th birthday. Both she and Professor Larry Greene are the chairs of the Committee overseeing this. There are committees for education, scholarship, and programs, which are working on ideas for curriculum, publishing new scholarship, digitizing primary sources, etc. Anyone who is interested or has complimentary programming should be in touch with the Committee heads, so that their institution’s programming can also be included.

Other News and Events:

NJ Forum will be at Georgian Court College on Nov. 17, 2012.

Archives Day is at the Monmouth County Library on October 13. 63 organizations signed up to have tables. There will be genealogical workshops as well as a land records workshop.

There is a new exhibit at Rutgers Special Collections titled: “New Jersey and the Civil War” curated by Fernanda Perrone, which will be on view through January 13.

Carla Zimmerman agreed to write a short article on the NJSAA for an upcoming issue of Garden State Legacy.

Next meeting: Dec. 4, 2012 3pm. 4:15 panel discussion of the 2012 Author Award winners.

Respectfully submitted,

Chad Leinaweaver