2012 April 25 Meeting minutes

Present: Benjamin Beede, Ron Becker, Gordon Bond, Raymond Frey, Joe Grabas, Bonita Craft Grant, Paul Israel, Alan Lucibello, Maxine Lurie, Marc Mappen, Bill Marsch, Lucia McMahon, Laura Poll, Gary Saretzky.

Maxine Lurie convened the meeting at 3:08 pm in the Pane Room of the Alexander Library.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bonita Grant stated that the online account balance is $1,173.40.

Cash on hand is $109.05. The report was approved.

Old Business

Membership: We have 64 paid members, which incudes three who signed up at the History Issues Convention. Carla will send reminders to the members.

Proposal for an award for a graduate student paper: Paul Israel has been working with a committee on a proposed addition to the NJSAA award program – an award for a graduate student paper on New Jersey history. To be considered the paper must be unpublished. Self-nominations are acceptable, but in that case the packet must include a letter from a faculty member. Winners will have their paper published in the journal New Jersey History. Another proposed rule is that a current graduate student must write the paper, but the members thought that provision was too restrictive and Paul agreed to drop it. There was a discussion of a possible deadline, and it was agreed that July 1 would be best because it would bring in papers done in the spring semester. It was also agreed that only one of these awards should be given out the first time around, and that the winner should receive a check for $150.

Committee on author awards: In the absence of Chad, Maxine gave his report. The committee, which has already agreed not to include juvenile books in the competition, has also agreed not to accept fiction or poetry. This is because of the difficulty of judging these genres in light of the goal of the program to contribute to scholarship on New Jersey history. Ben Beede mentioned that the committee had discussed whether they should have a “best in show” award that cut across the existing categories. The members thought this was not a great idea.

Committee on the Award for a Librarian/Archivist: Ron Becker said that the call for nominations will go out soon, and that they will present the award to the winner at Archives and History Day in October.

Committee on Teaching Awards: Alan Lucibello discussed ways to publicize the award – one suggestion is to use the new website of the NJ Council for History Education. Margaret Renn and Kathleen Renegar have volunteered to serve on the committee; Maxine will send along contact information to Alan. The deadline for nominations will be in October. There was concern expressed about threats to teaching New Jersey history at the K-12 level. For the first time, it is possible that the state’s history teaching standards might not include the requirement of teaching about New Jersey. This is a serious problem, and it was agreed that we alert the Advocates for New Jersey History.

Stellhorn Award Committee: The committee has expanded the list of faculty it uses to solicit nominations. The most recent Stellhorn Award finalists were from Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers, suggesting that word about the award program is getting around.

Marc Mappen suggested that as each award committee sends out its call for nominations, there should be a standard line of text at the bottom that says something to the effect that information about all the award programs can be found at the website of the NJSAA. It was agreed that this was a good idea, and admiring shouts of “brilliant” and “genius” resounded in the room.

NJSAA Lecture Series: Bonita Grant has a list of people who have volunteered to speak at upcoming meetings of the NJSAA. Contact her if you know anybody else who might be interested.

Nonprofit status report: Richard Waldron has volunteered to work on this. Bonita has found an accountant who can help us fill out the required forms.

New Business

Commemoration of New Jersey’s 350th anniversary: Maxine informed the group that the New Jersey Historical Commission has formed a committee to plan the 350th anniversary of the 1664 founding of New Jersey. Maxine is co-chairing the committee (with Larry Greene), and described the six subcommittees. Anybody who would like to work on the committee should contact Ms. Niquole Primiani at the NJ Historical Commission. Her number is 609-943-3307 and her email is niquole.primiani@sos.state.nj.us.

New Jersey Forum: The forum, a scholarly papers conference held in even numbered years, will take place on November 17 at Georgian Court College.

Archives and History Week: Gary announced that this annual event will take place on October 13 at the Monmouth County Library.

20th anniversary of the NJSAA: This meeting marks the 20th anniversary of our organization, in recognition of which Maxine brought in a delicious chocolate cake that the members proceeded to devour.

Guest Speaker: Following the business meeting, historian Bill Marsch gave a talk entitled “Why Lincoln Lost New Jersey Twice.” Which was followed by a lively discussion.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 3pm in the Pane Room at the Alexander Library, and will be followed by a speaker (name and topic TBA)..

Respectfully Submitted

Marc Mappen, Secretary