2010 October 14 meeting minutes

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance

Meeting of October 14, 2010


Present: Maxine Lurie (presiding), Ron Becker, Gordon Bond, Bonita Grant, Paul Israel, Chad Leinaweaver, Marc Mappen, Gary Saretzky, Robert Sewell, Richard Waldron, Carla Zimmerman. (This list includes both members and nonmembers). The meeting was convened at 3:05pm.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bonita stated that our account balance is $1,243.40. There was a discussion of whether the NJSAA has filed the reports necessary to maintain its nonprofit status at the federal level. Ron will check on this.

Membership: Carla reported that there are 38 paid members at present. She has sent out 66 dues reminders. Maxine noted that a large number of brochures were distributed at Archives Day, which may result in new members. [Two more joined at the meeting].

Author Awards: A report from Chad was distributed. Awards were presented at the Advocates annual meeting on October 12th. The committee had the largest number of nominations in recent years (16), making it possible to present awards in every category. [The full list is posted on the website]

Librarian Award: Ron reported that the award was presented to Susan Gulick of the Morristown Library at Archives Day on October 9.

Teacher Award: The deadline for the submission of the awards was October 1. Marc will check with Alan Lucibello to see if any nominations have arrived.

Archives Day: Gary reported that 64 organizations exhibited at the event and 180 people attended.

History Issues Convention: The next HIC will be on March 25, 2011 and the title is "What is the New Model for Museum, School and Community Partnerships?" PLACE TBA

Stellhorn Award: Dick reported on the awards. It was suggested that the scope should be expanded to include papers submitted from out of state; perhaps starting with New York and Pennsylvania. Dick asked if more explicit information about the award criteria should be posted on the website; it was agreed that it was not necessary to go into great detail in this regard. Another suggestion was to extend the award to include graduate students below the dissertation level. Paul Israel agreed to head a new committee to look into giving an award for the best graduate student paper in a given year.

NJSAA lecture series: There were several suggestions for speakers in the new year, including Tim Hart, Gordon Bond, Walter Greason, Bonita Grant, and Paul Israel.

Website: Carla discussed the improvements that have been made to the website. She reminded members to submit news items by sending a message to the website person.

The meeting was adjourned so that Gary Saretzky could present a talk on the Photographers of Middlesex County.


Respectfully submitted,

Marc Mappen