2009 May 13 meeting minutes

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance

Alexander Library, New Brunswick

May 13, 2009

Attendees: Marc Mappen, Maxine N. Lurie, Alan Lucibello, Gary Saretzky, Bonita Craft Grant, Ben Beede, Wagner, Carla Zimmerman, Richard Waldron, Ron Becker

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Treasurer's Report: Bonita reported that we have $1,558 in our Commerce Bank Online account. Cash on hand is $69.00.

Librarian Award: The deadline for nominations is September 1.

Teaching Award: Alan Lucibello reported that the award was presented to Keeley Legour of Indian Hills High School. It was agreed that we need to improve getting out word about the award. We also need college-level nominees. It was suggested that we promote the teacher award along with the Stellhorn award. Lurie agreed to join Lucibello and Mappen as a member of the committee.

Stellhorn Award: Dick Waldron presented a list of suggested changes in this program, among which were the following: Instead of one award, a first ($250), second ($150), and third ($100) place should be presented. These awards should be presented in frames. A statement of criteria should be used to solicit nominations. The due date should be changed to January 1. Nominations should be considered by a review panel. Award winning papers should be placed on a website. All of the suggested changes were adopted.

Membership: We have 66 paid members, one of whom is new. Forty members have not renewed. Do we need a new premium to replace the Jersey-shaped cookie cutters?

Lecture Seies: We are looking for topics and speakers. There were a number of suggestions including Terry Goloway, Chad Leinaweaver, and somebody who could speak about African-American Genealogy.

State Funding for History: Marc reported that the Advocates for New Jersey History are lobbying the legislature to restore the proposed 25% cut in the grant funds of the NJ Historical Commission. Also, a proposal is making its way through the legislature for a $600,000,000 referendum on the November ballot for the Garden State Preservation Trust, which includes funding for historic preservation.

Social Studies Teaching Standards: Alan Lucibello reported that there is concern that the proposed standards, when completed, will neglect history.

Next Meeting: September 11 at 3:00 PM.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned so that the members could attend the lecture by John Fea entitled "Philip Vickers Fithian: An Eighteenth Century Jersey Boy."