2009 January 14 meeting minutes

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance

Alexander Library, New Brunswick

January 14, 2009

Members Present: Ron Becker, Bonita Craft Grant, Maxine Lurie, Chad Leinaweaver, Marc Mappen, Gary Saretzky, Richard Waldron, Carla Zimmerman

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Treasurer's Report: Bonita reported that we have $1428.30 in our Commerce bank account. Recent expenditures consist of our $25 annual filing fee to the state of New Jersey. Recent deposits have been $20 in new memberships. We have $79 in cash on hand.


Membership Report: Carla provided a report showing that we have gained five new members since the last meeting, raising the total to 106. She and Bonita are sending out renewal notices. Many people are signing up for just one year memberships; presumably to get the NJ-shaped cookie cutters as a premium. It was agreed that henceforth, individuals must sign up for a three year membership to get a cookie cutter.

Website: Carla's report also stated that the www.njsaa.org website is nearing completion. She does want to include on it members' reports on what they and their organizations are doing for NJ history. She has a

section that includes links to other NJ history related websites. Another possible section could be a calendar of events. She invited members to send any comments about the website to her at infonjsaa@gmail.com.

Author Awards: Chad, the new chair of the committee, said that he has posted announcements about the award to several listservs. He welcomes suggestions on how we can get recommendations about books; it was agreed to put notices in the History Issues Conference packets. John Beekman has arranged to have last year's winners speak at the NJLA conference in April.

Librarian Award: Ron will send out notices of the award in the late spring.

Teacher Award: No report.

History Issues Convention: Marc discussed the program for the HIC. It was agreed that NJSAA should pay $100 to become a cosponsor. We will share a table with Rutgers Special Collections at the event.

Stellhorn Award Committee: Dick is the chair. The members agreed that perhaps there could be a panel at the New Jersey Forum in November 2010 at which the undergraduate Stellhorn award winners could present their papers.

NJSAA Lecture Series: Maxine will be giving the lecture this evening. The next lectures in the series will be given by Howard Green in April, who will speak on oral history, and John Fea in May, on the colonial

Enlightenment. Suggestions for other speakers include Raymond Frey from Centenary College who can speak about New Jersey in the 1960s and Mark Wasserman from Rutgers who can talk about New Jersey in the Depression.

History Day Competition: Maxine noted that this program continues to expand. The north Jersey and south Jersey regional competitions will be at Seton Hall on March 21 and March 28 at Rider respectively. The final competition will be at William Paterson University on May 2.


State Finances: There was a discussion of the Governor's state of the state address that was delivered this month, and of his budget message that will take place in March

Next Meeting: May 13 at 3:00 PM. Howard Green will speak after the meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned so that the members could attend the talk given by our Maxine.

Respectfully Submitted

Marc Mappen