UPDATE: 12/25/2010:

Merry Christmas Everyone!  We have had some very exciting updates, the YouTube Video of Rock Chalk hit 150,000 views last night.  We have been inundated with newspapers and local media, and been privileged to have some wonderful stories done on us.  Check out a Press page for links to a few.  We also obliterated our fund raising goal.  As of Christmas eve, over $1000 dollars have been given to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It has been an amazing year for us, a new house in a wonderful neighborhood with amazing neighbors.  Great friends and giving family, so, so much to be thankful for.  We wish the merriest of Christmas wishes to all of you, and all the best in the coming year.

UPDATE: 12/10/2010:
I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to Jayhawk Nation for all the love over the Rock Chalk Video. I woke up to find my inbox full, over 11,000 hits on YouTube in three days! I also wanted to update you all on our fund raising. We are at 95% of our goal after a cold a nasty weekend, thank you to everyone who came out, thank you to everyone who donated, thank you for the christmas cards in the mail, and thank you for supporting St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.  Together we are making a difference!

UPDATE: 12/10/2010:

Wow!  It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  Thanks to a wonderful article on the FRONT PAGE of our local newspaper, we have had lots of traffic, given out hundreds of candy canes, and are already at 70% of our fund-raising goal!  We have absolutely been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and encouragement from the community.  The letters and donations we have received in the mail truly make it all worth while.  Our facebook page is growing by leaps and bounds and this evening we even have a news crew coming from Kansas City to do a story on us and what we are trying to do for St. Jude.  Hopefully we can really make a difference in the lives of some of these special kids!

UPDATE: 12/1/2010:

The show is up and running!  It's taken nearly three weeks to get everything up and work out most of the kinks.  We have one controller still acting up and the fireflis appear to have a bit of a learning curve but we are slowly getting there.  I'm still working on programming a few more songs (you are never really done with that) but we hope to have msot everything finished by this weekend.  Posted a few early videos to vimeo and facebook.  Hope to be featured in the local newspaper sometime this week, we'll let you know if that happens.  Until then, swing by 4530 Larissa and check us out!

UPDATE: 9/12/2010:

Well, I'm getting back in the swing of things.  Finished the first of 10 sequences for this year.  I still have TONS of work to do on decorations, controllers, flood lights, etc.  Everything's in storage since our old house sold already and the new one isn't yet done.  We are living in an appartment for the time being and everything is in storage crates.  The only thing I can do is sequence so here's to progress!

UPDATE: 12/21/2009:

We came home last night to 18" of snow!  The entire display is buried but we are still up and running.  Only had a few watchers with BIG trucks last night.  I had to go out once and help a lady in a Prius that was stuck in the street.  Needless to say everyone got Candy Canes last night!  I couldn't resist taking a few pictures, those LEDs look so pretty under the snow.  I'm trying to convert all the photos on the site over to Picasa.  Flickr has worked fine but it takes a while to load and doesn't have the syncing capabilities with our Google site.  Look for some big changes to our PICTURES page.  Here's a preview off what we are changing to:

Christmas Snow 2009

UPDATE: 12/21/2009:

We were on the News again!  Special thanks to 6 News for their feature on the display Sunday Night.  Perhaps the first time in my life I've ever thought I looked OK on television.  We were very happy with how they portrayed us, just hope we can live up to it now ;)

UPDATE: 12/19/2009:

We are proud to be featured in this month issue of Planet Christmas Magazine!  Page 7, bottom right hand corner.  Now you can also become our fan on Facebook!  We also want to send out a BIG congratulations to Gary and Mary Ann Martin on Winning this years decorating contest!  They have proven to be great friends and were instrumental in allowing us to make the jump to LOR this year.Way to go guys!

UPDATE: 12/18/2009:

We have been nominated to the 10 Nights of Lights contest from Westlake Ace Hardware and 6 News in Lawrence!  See the Video below and be sure to check out the other houses that have been nominated as well, some very beautiful homes!

We also wanted to post a link to a Google Map put together by Tyson Hofsommer of G-Town Christmas over in Gardener to some of the best Christmas Light displays in our area.  It is probably one of the most comprehensive and easiest to use things that I have come across and we are very happy to be listed.  Check it out before heading into the cold to look at lights.  Since it's a Google map you can even send it to your phone!

UPDATE 11/15/2009:

Setup has begun, the Mega Tree went up tonight, the roof line is finished, the 4' snowflake went up, and out two 4 color mini trees are at the end of the walk along with the reconditioned candy canes thanks to free cycle.  Zach would have gotten more up but decided at the last minute to scrape and repaint the front eave of the house.  As you can see from last year, it was getting pretty bad.

So that was good for about 8 hours along with raking and bagging the leaves from all five trees, (4 over 60 feet tall) cleaning the gutters, and other yard maintenance.  We will continue a slow setup this year with periodic testing.  Right now we are on track and making progress to our official "go live" night the day after Thanksgiving.