Welcome to Technicolor Christmas!  We are an animated Christmas Lighting Display now located in Tonganoxie, KS.  We have been lighting up our neighborhood since 2007 and are always looking to expand to make every year our best one yet!

        To date we have raised over $2500 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It's one of the most important and special parts of our display.  It's fun to see our neighborhood and our community rally behind us and the lights and has allowed us to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas!

St. Jude's Childrens Hospital

Our Story...

        Back in 2007 we bought our first house on New Jersey St. in Lawrence, KS.  It was the perfect little first house and I couldn't wait to put up lights!  After 5 years in college and no place for a proper tree, we couldn't wait for the holidays in our new home.  Alicia gave me a big budget of $50 that first year and we had some white strings along the roof and a few snowflakes.

        Then came the North Pole... I decided I wanted to build a north pole and ran to Home Depot for some PVC.  I took apart  an old decoration My wife had in college and converted it to bright white LEDs to top the newly candy striped pole.  While searching the Internet for other north pole ideas, I discovered Planet Christmas, a Mecca of Christmas Decoration Websites.  That pulled the trigger and in 2008 we added a 4' snowflake, two wreaths, 20' of lit garland, 6 light presents, a snowman, a home made north pole, and a partridge in a pear tree.

         In the world of decorative lighting though, there are many classes.  And without a doubt, the biggest and best displays are animated.  In 2009 we jumped to just over 10,000 individual LEDs and invested in 40 channels of Light O'Rama, a sequencing software that allows us to program the lights to blink and fade along to music.  I finished 6 sequences before our official "GO LIVE" night and added two additional songs before the end of the season.

         2010 brought major changes.  We built a new house so the display moved!  $2000 of extras were spent on the electrical alone and we are expanded to 210 channels and added another 5,000 lights.  The whole display was re-vamped to 4 colors on every item in the display. 

        Now heading into 2013 we have yet again moved, this time to a forever home.  It was quite a move!  We now sit on 5 acres of beautiful hillside property just outside of the city of Tonganoxie.  We hope you and your family will come and visit us!

Plans for 2013 include the addition of:            

1.  Everything!  We are starting from scratch with a total re-design of the display!

Thanks for stopping by and come see us, 430 West Washington street, we'll be running the day after Thanksgiving and the show runs through the first of the year.

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