• When do I need to register by?
  • Anyone registered by January 31, 2014 pays $30
    • Anyone registered by March 31, 2014 pays $35
    • Anyone registered after March 31, 2014 pays $40, and is not guaranteed a spot!

  • Can I register my unit, without registering scouts?
    •   Yes! You must register one person – it can be the adult leader.
    • However, the scouts you register must pay the fees based on the date they are registered.

  •  What about Webelos Scouts that will cross over to my troop?
    • You can register them now, so long as they are registered in your troop by the time the camporee begins in May.

  • If I register and we can not attend – can the unit or individual receive a refund?
    •   There are no refunds once registered. 

  •  What if I have more registration questions?

Camporee: May 16-18, 2014


Early Bird......... January 31, 2014

Registration Deadline....... March 31, 2014


If before January 31, 2014..... $30.00

If before March 31, 2014..... $35.00