For Prospective Mentors

What does "NJMS Squared" mean?

"NJMS Squared" means NJMS:NJMS, or New Jersey Medical School: Newark Junior Mentoring Society. Get it? Get it??

We are also partnered with GSBS Squared (Grateful Students Bettering Society), our graduate student program which has the exact same mission but is run by GSBS! Everything written here applies to both programs! We are part of a unified mission that we hope will someday be RBHS-wide!

What do you do?
We are the biggest (by membership) and most ambitious service group at New Jersey Medical School. Our mission is to provide one-on-one mentorship and guidance to at risk Newark elementary, middle, and high school students so that they may pursue higher education and future careers in the health sciences. Short-term, we hope that the relationships established through the NJMS Squared mentorship program will give Newark primary school students the opportunities and advice they need to help them achieve their academic and professional goals. NJMS Squared’s long-term goal is to improve Newark high school graduation rates and increase enrollment into four-year college programs and future enrollment in graduate programs, including medical school. Newark historically has a very low graduation rate, and it has garnered national attention from Cory Booker to Mark Zuckerberg. We are proactively and directly attempting to fix that. Medical students have a large array of skills we learned in high school and college, most of which go to waste. But now we can use these skills to help people right in our Newark community! We have very quickly become a big group and are already receiving huge accolades! We are trying to make this a larger model and change the face of education, starting in Newark. Join and become part of RBHS history!

Cool, so which Newark schools do you work with?
Currently we work with three schools, and we thus offer three Tracks for Mentors:
Track 1. Science Park High School: a magnet science high school directly across the street from the medical school. most mentors will be assigned to this school.
Track 2. Discovery Charter School: a radically alternative and successful middle school (Grades 4-8) in the heart of Newark's Teacher's Village, in which all students in the school learn in a single classroom.
Future Pending Track: Fast Track Success Academy: a new high school directly across the street from us, offering dropout students aged 16-24 the chance to complete their high school degree; half of students are planning on going into allied health careers!

We allow you to mentor at whichever school(s) you would like! As you can see from our school choices, we are a very progressive group; all of the schools embrace unique and successful new teaching models. However, the vast majority of mentors will be at Science Park High School.

What does mentoring entail?
You are matched one-on-one with a student who needs help in some way. You will have this same mentee for a year (or longer, if you choose to continue the next year). It depends on the student's needs, but mentoring usually consists of a mix of Mentoring (life advice, high school advice, college preparedness, career advice) to Tutoring (homework help to help in specific subjects, which we will make sure you are willing to teach). Two out of our three schools are DIRECTLY across the street and are walkable from both 180, the parking deck, MSB, etc! The third school (Discovery) is for people who prefer to have middle school mentees or would like to drive/carpool.


NJMS Squared is the easiest, most fun, and rewarding service group at NJMS. Unlike other groups here, you will DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY get involved and have an impact on Newark in a tangible and permanent way. Many medical school organizations are well-intentioned, but either have a minimal impact or are mostly about fundraising ant not about SERVICE. You are investing in the future of Newark from a young age. The schools are right across the street from the parking garage (friendly for both commuters and 180 West residents), and the time commitment is minimal. And the schools are really cool; you will truly enjoy being there and will certainly feel great at the end of the session. (And if you have a challenging mentee, then that just means your mentoring can do even more good. If your mentee consistently does not show up, we will gladly re-pair you with a new student.) We also give you the opportunity to conduct "Office Hours" (helping students at the Homework Center) if/when your mentee cannot make a session or if you just want to get involved more and get more volunteer hours!

Oh, and you also get a free T-shirt (which is awesome).

When are mentoring sessions?
For the most part, mentoring sessions are once a week after school (3:00PM for all schools), for about one hour. There is NO obligation or minimum number of sessions needed per time, and YOU determine the frequency of sessions with your mentor. We strongly recommend visiting once a week, and during busy weeks, you are under no obligation to mentor, as long as your Mentee knows!

How long does this last?
NJMS: Hopefully the relationship you build up with your mentee will last a lifetime. As of 2015, we will be matching First Year Medical Students to First Year High School students, so you have the opportunity to meet with them all four years (most of your meetings will be during MS1/MS2, and then you could meet much, much more sporadically during MS3/MS4 to help them prepare for testing and college.
GSBS: Hopefully the relationship you build up with your mentee will last a lifetime. We recommend a minimum of one academic year.

OMG, how do I SIGN UP?

Do you offer leadership positions?!
NJMS: You bet we do! And we are always looking for more people--both MS1s and MS2s. Email if you are interested.
GSBS: Absolutely! We need many! Email Asma at

So join us and get Square'd!