Week of 12/8/2011

posted Dec 8, 2011, 10:53 AM by Nathan Kosmin
Dr. Valenza went over my outline, and recommended that I narrow the focus of my paper. As per her reccommendation, I will focus in on the impact cybersecurity has on government, international relations, and warfare. My paper will highlight the pressing need for information security in today's world on the international level. I have begun drafting with this in mind, and will finish the draft next week.

I also finished the script for the video, which can be found on the new Personal Security Video page on this site. I will edit and finalize the script next week, and begin shooting.

I also e-mailed Professor Mongan about the cryptography lab -- while he will not be on campus for a while due to Drexel's long holiday break, I will likely do the lesson over Skype with him soon.

To do for next week:
Finish rough draft
Send draft out for edits: Dr. V, Mrs. Pirmann, Mrs. Shirley

Edit and finalize script
Send script out for edits: Dr. V, Mr. Meder, Mrs. Pirmann
Begin shooting/gathering resources for filming

Set up date to work through crypto lab with prof. Mongan