Password Grid Project

This program creates a grid of randomized characters in a size of your choosing, up to 15 characters. The idea behind this grid is that it can be used to create passwords that are easy to recall but hard to guess. Draw a pattern on the grid, and use the characters covered by the pattern as your password. When written out, the password will appear as a string of characters with no sense or pattern -- immune to common password cracking methods that test for keyboard patterns, real words, or similar logical conventions in password creation. However, by having a grid such as this you can refer to, the password will be easy to remember despite its complexity: you only have to remember the pattern on the grid! With multiple patterns, one of these grids can serve as a "decoder key" for multiple passwords.

Enter the size of your grid here:

This project was written in Notepad++ using JavaScript. The source code can be found below in a .js file.

Nathan Kosmin,
Jan 23, 2012, 10:50 AM