Welcome to my Senior Thesis site!

The essential question for my Senior Thesis: What methodologies and practices are used in information security today, and how can they be improved to better suit today's needs? 

  • Paper
    • Thesis Statement/Outline
    • Rough Draft
    • Final Paper
    • Topic Concentration: How does information theft impact large businesses, governments, and societies?
  • Presentation
    • Topic Concentration: How can you, the viewer of this film, make your personal information more secure when using information technology?
  • Project
    • Pseudocode and/or Flowcharting
    • Potential project topics:
      • Password Generator: Creates a 10x10 grid of characters, you create a password out of a random pattern on the grid
      • Cryptographic Strength Meter: How difficult is it for a computer to guess this particular string using a brute force method?