How to use the Sky Map




If the printed map is small make an enlarged photocopy (200%) and use that to identify stars and constellations. Look for an area from where you can see a good part of the sky, from horizon to overhead. Find your directions approximately using the Sun during the daytime and get a good feel of the orientation of your area. At about 8 p.m., face the direction you have chosen and hold the sky map upright and turn it until the direction you are facing appears at the bottom. Acclimatise your eyes for five or ten minutes, shielding your eyes from any bright lights which may be in your line of view. Use a faint torch to light the map. The stars on the map which are close to the edge of the circle can be seen close to the horizon of the direction you are facing. Stars which are close to the center of the map are those which will be seen overhead. Note that in the map only the brightest stars are shown, so depending on the light conditions in your area, you may see fainter stars also. If you turn your direction, turn the map while still holding it upright and make sure the direction you are facing again appears at the bottom of the map. Happy viewing.