Astronomy Links

Useful links to useful material on astronomy

that you can get on the Internet:

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 

International Astronomical Union:

For very interestingly written regular and up to date astronomy with previous stories archived and Latest News in Astronomy 

For satellite timing including ISS, the International Space Station:

Astronomy programs and information from NASA

Sunrise/Sunset times and Data for Astronomical events

Eclipse site from Mr Eclipse 

Dark Skies: International Dark Skies Association

Dark Skies:  Campaign for Dark Skies

Prominent Astronomy magazine

Another popular astronomy news magazine site:

Online Night Sky Map for any location

Good website for beginners

Some more great links

Telescope Making at home

Selecting a telescope

A Local Education website and go the "Astronomy" link

 Physics Today article on science in Africa:  

Cosmic Africa:


Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy site:

European Space Agency site:

American Astronomical society:

Canadian Astronomical Society:

Leiden Observatory: