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     After over 30 years of service to the Township of West Caldwell, NJ as Business Administrator, Clerk, Municipal Engineer, Member of the Planning Board, and Chairman of the New Jersey Intergovernmental Insurance Fund (NJIIF), I retired from full time duty in January 2008. 

     With my retirement comes the opportunity of a new venture. Drawing on my varied experience in all aspects of government, I will be providing consulting services to governmental units in New Jersey, Maryland and the US Government, and to private clients in their work with government agenicies. While my primary focus will be in the Land Use Planning area, I will also be available to provide assistance in such areas as government operations, crisis management, consensus building with other levels of government, grant preparation, land use training, personnel organization and training, and risk management.  For example, in many cases municipalities have the opportunity to obtain expert advice in reviewing and analyzing applications before their Planning Boards and Boards of Adjustment, all at the applicant’s expense, without any cost to their taxpayers. This will often result in a better outcome for the community and is often welcomed by applicants, since it helps them more clearly understand the land use goals and objectives of the community.

      Consensus building with other levels of government can also be key in maximizing existing resources, clearing obstacles,  and accomplishing goals. US, State, County and Local government can often achieve better outcomes and provide higher levels of service to their constituents by working closely with other branches of government and seeking their help in what they do best.

     Atlantic GovTech may also provide consulting engineering services in Maryland, drawing on almost 40 years of experience in Municipal and Planning Board Engineering, as well as a background in transportation and highway systems and civil engineering in land development.  Most recently, I've "stepped away" from retirement to serve as the Director of Land Use Planning, on a part time basis, for my new hometown of Havre de Grace, Maryland. 

      NJGovTech and Atlantic GovTech can also provide guidance in seeking out innovative and creative solutions as available resources continue to shrink and demand for services grow.  Solutions in implementing the most efficient insurance coverage, in addressing the cost of medical benefits, (including pooling and other options), in assisting with identifying and analyzing opportunities for shared serves or consolidations, in offering clear, objective opinions on balancing open space and well planned development, and many other solutions. As a Professional Planner and Engineer, as a certified Municipal Clerk, with over 17 years of experience as an Executive Board Member and Chairman of the NJIIF,  with 41 years as a member of and adviser to the West Caldwell Planning Board, and with my certification by the State of New Jersey as an Approved Provider of the Basic Course in Land Use Law and Planning,  I believe I can bring unique talents and experience to help provide solutions for the many needs of New Jersey governments and their customers.

      There is so much more to discuss.  I look forward to talking with you.

         Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Ben Martorana