Updated 7/14 - 10PM  (event website)
          RSVP to sos @  if you can pick up any of these tasks.
            Event starts at 10ish, need folks there at 8AM to work setup and help arrivals.
            Latest visitor number @ 60
PINK ELEPHANT Setup and run - Participants bring a wrapped pink elephant (est value $10) which is placed in a large container from which other contributors may draw from. This is like the holiday grab bag.

Joan Koz

FOOD QUEEN Coordinate - Ensure food is setup and ready for consuming around 1PM


REGISTRATION Ensure everyone signs a waiver


GREETER Welcomes folks and helps to get them setup and secures volunteers to help visitors

Jeanne E

CLEANUP Manage cleanup crew, taking trash bags to curb, rakes sand and sweeps deck clear of sand

Joan Mc

RACE ASSISTANT Help me with races and activities

 Jeanne E


Bring all paddles, pfds, tables, and dragon boats to Johnson beach.

Setup 2 team canopy tents

 Everyone @ 8AM

RACE COURSE SETUP Help Ellen setup race course on 2PM Friday – need 2

 Sue B, Henrietta M

SITE PREP Beach needs some cleanup in the ramp to the water. Bring water boots and gloves to pick out trash and a good rake to clear out the weeds. To be done Wed, Thur or Friday.


BRING FOOD  Meat Balls

 Marilyn R

   Sandwich rolls

Marilyn R

   Fried veggies for veggie sandwiches (Judy: couple dishes of roasted veggies; peppers, eggplant, zucchini mushrooms)

 Sue B, Judy C

   Drinks (large jug or cooler)

 Trudie, Ellen (5 gal ice tea)


 Jane H

   Brownies or cookies

 Mary O, Judy, Sue B (C.chip Cookies)


 Joan Mc


 Barry H

   Veggie salad, maybe with pasta


   munchies (crackers, chips, other bad foods)

 Sally, Linda

   Other foods?  
BRING STUFF  Trash bags

 Jane H

   Photo copies of waivers

 Michele V

   Paper Towels

 Jane H, Sue B

   Toilet Paper

 Jane H

   Table Coth


   Team Trophy


   Paper Plates, napkins, utensils, Cups

 Trudie, Sue B, Pam (cups, napkins)

   4-5 Tables

Club-2, Ellen-1, JaneH-1



   2-3 Coolers


 OTHER STUFF  schedule races


   race/info board


   off water activities