PATHWAYS TEAM SOS (Save our Sisters) NJ
PATHWAYS TEAM SOS NJ, the NJ Dragon Boat Club's Women's Breast Cancer Survivor team is the newest dragon boat crew to paddle around Lake Parsippany. The team's popularity among members of Pathways of The Connections in Summit, prompted Pathways to fund dragon boat membership fee for all Women's Breast Cancer Survivors! Thank you Pathways!!!   Team Sponsors = Pathways, Dime Bank.
  • Your Tax-Deductable Donations to the team gladly accepted by Pathways = DONATE TO PATHWAYS TEAM SOS.

  • We practice Mondays 6PM-7:30PM, meet at the Lake Parsippany Boat House.

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  • Pathways - Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team sponsor. This represents the cancer support group of "The Connections" of Summit. In 2008 they sponsored several poolside practices and team meetings. This year they will work towards building fundraising activities for the TEAM SOS. Pathways at "The Connection" contact: Michele V (79 Maple Street, Summit, 07901).

  • Board Members - Lesley Andrews (Pathways Director), Caye M, Dawn Y, Henrietta M, Ingrid C, Linda S, Pam B, Tara D. Messages to the board:  SOS.board @

  • Dragon Boating represents one of the coolest asian cultural activities introduced to the West. You start by putting 22 people get onto a 40' long canoe and with 20 paddlers a drummer and steerer - and see how they work together towards moving the boat about the waterway! Although the task itself is simple, the process of learning as individuals to become a team holds the challenge and the fun.

  • WE WANT YOU! Women's BCS Dragon Boat teams represent a fast growing sector of the dragon boating community around the world. These teams serve as a refreshing physical activity for individuals and a unique support group for those fighting a common battle. Please contact the team leader if you are interested in helping with the administration, or if you just want to do your part and PADDLE!

  • Team practices Try it free for 1 practice! Paddles, PFD, coaching included. Mondays: 6-7:30PM. Practice Info. Starts Mid-April. Registration requested via email to ""

  • NJDBC-BCS Team Leader - Coach Ellen