Rev 6/4





    • get there before 7AM, otherwise you will end up parking waaaay past our tent.



  • Over a mile of Kelly Drive around this marshalling area is closed off with a police baracade. Only those with a parking pass can enter this area OR if you pay $20 cash at the gate. Kelly drive is closed off starting at 5:30AM.

  • Access to parking thru the baracade is on Kelly Drive under Strawberry bridge heading southbound.

  • It was too late for me to get any parking passes. So you have to go thru the Cash lane.

  • Parking is free to volunteers. So if you are willing to work the docks or steer, you will get in free. Let me know and I have to give the coordinators a heads up.

  • There should be free parking on the hill along the "detour route"

  • Attached is a map of the road that is closed and your detour route to parking or gate to kelly dr parking



  • 1. Ellen's truck leaves around 4AM. Taking lots of gear.

  • 2. Caye M and Pam

  • 3. Lynda L and Karen K carpool

  • 4. Deb and Chris C going solo

  • 5. Jacqui, Jen and karen L



    • Ellen will bring a canopy, 2 tables, couple gallon jugs of water.

    • Bring you own butt pads, paddles, pfds. They have paddles and pfds.

    • Bring your own food/drink stuff - there will be minimal stuff to purchase there (lunch, drinks)

    • Bring your own chair

    • Feel free to bring stuff to sell for your teams!

    • Bring a wagon or cart to haul your stuff!

    • Wear footwear that you are comfortable walking in. There is lots of walking.



  • drummer - will recruit from other teams

  • steerer - I'm working the event - but will be on our boat for all races

  • paddlers (16):

    • DC - Annette K, Jayna R, Kathleen C, Monica M, Kwansene??

    • Bucks County - Cathy K, Jean M, Kristina S

    • SOS - Caye M, Jacqui C, Karen K, Pam B

    • NJDBC Gals - Chris C, Deb C, Jen V, Karen L, Lynda L,

    • looking for 4 more paddlers...

  • Following paddlers need to COMPLETE IDBR ONLINE WAIVER!!!!

    • Jacqui, Karen L, Pam B,



  • Bring "cheering" fans!!!



  • RSVP to me with your preferred side.

  • RSVP if you found others willing to spend the day with us!!! 8-)

Thanks all for spending the day with our first NJDBC women's team entry. We hope to enter more events and would love to have you join us for other events too!

Ellen Law