Pathways, TEAM SOS

Retreat weekend: June 17-19

Draft #1

Revised: 4/21, 415AM


Here's a 1st draft for the retreat plans to start your discussions

      • Meal a schedule (not sure what they plan for us)

        • Friday - check in start at 4PM, no meals

        • Friday - 8PM video analysis

        • Saturday - B-fast 6:30-9:30AM

        • Saturday - Lunch 11:30-1PM

        • Saturday - Dinner 6-7:30PM

        • Sunday - B-fast 6:30-9:30AM

        • Sunday - Lunch 11:30-1PM

      • IDEAS

        • Maybe we bring costco or home made sandwiches for those who check in on Friday?

        • Maybe a Sunday Brunch 10-1PM instead of breakfast and lunch?

        • Maybe a Saturday Outdoor BBQ instead of indoor dinner? weather permitting of course. BBQ would include simple stuff like burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fries, salad, corn...not too appetizing but sustiance. If we wanted better stuff, it would be more expensive or be have to bring it in for the cooks.

        • We have to bring stuff for the campfire/bonfire...marshmallows, smores etc.


        • 2 dragon boats, one beginner one intermediate.

        • Friday - I will bring the dragon boats and setup the equipment

        • Saturday - 6AM (skills/drills), 7AM (skill/drills), 10AM (skills/drills), 11AM (skills/drills)

      • 2PM (sprint work), 3PM (sprint work), 4PM (race pieces), 5PM (race pieces

        • Sunday - 6AM (endurance), 7AM (endurance), 10AM (races)

        • paddlers can sign up anytime, and as often or as seldom as they want

        • If paddlers are not there at time of loading, waitlisted paddlers get their spots.

        • I will also have my 2 outriggers on site for campers to play with.


        • whatever Pathways wants to setup that may be of interest for campers.