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Getting Travel Documents (5/9/14 update)

Getting a China Visa Stamp in your Passport

      • AROUND EARLY-MAY, I plan to take a batch of passports and visa applications into NYC's China Consulate General's Office. Passports returned within a week.

        • If you want to save yourself from the excitement of fighting through NYC traffic and Consulate lines for the dropoff, and THEN Pickup....then I suggest you arrange to have your passport, visa application and $150 check written to Ellen Law ($140 visa fee + $10 for my pain and suffering), in my hands before I leave for NYC. Send to: "Ellen Law", P.O. Box 51, East Hanover, NJ 07936.

        • Let me know if you have a NON-USA passport, China charges MUCH less for a NON-USA Visa application! 8-)

    • PROCESS for SECURING A CHINA VISA (5/9/14 revised)

        • 1. Have a valid Passport that is valid AT LEAST 6 months beyond your planned return from your trip to China.

        • 2. Complete the China Entry Visa application: pdf form/ver.8.29.13 (instructions: web / pdf). Chinese officials prefer you fill in this online via PDF and print it out for purposes of neatness.

          • #1.3 Chinese name = fill this in if you were born in China, #1.11 U.S. ID card number=Green card number, not SS#, #1.14 Passport type = Ordinary, #1.9 Local ID = Driver's License number, #2.1. Major purpose of your visit(s) to China = Other "Compete in World Cup International Dragon Boat Races 2014", #2.2 Intended number of entries = Two entries valid for 6 months (this is the same visa fee, and just to be safe in case you have to cross the border a couple times, but check off the one that best applies) #2.3. Intended date of your first entry (yyyy-mm-mm)= 2014 - 6 - 4, #2.4 Your longest intended duration of stay = 20 days (or whatever is applicable, but add a week just in case), #2.5i. Please list cities and provinces to visit in China in a time sequence = Shenzhen, Fuzhou (add others you may be visiting), #2.5ii Please list residences and phone numbers during your stay in China in a time sequence (I hope to have this info for you my early May), #2.6 who will pay for your trip to China? = Myself, #2.8 Name, address and phone number of your inviter or contact unit in China = ?? TBD, Chairman of the China Dragon Boat Federation, TBD, phone = 86 – TBD (China)

        • 3. Within a month of departure, take passport, visa application, photo copy of your passport's photo page, photo copy of your driver's license, photo copy of your last CHINA Visa, a passport photo, to your "local" China Consulate General. They will give you a receipt for pickup in 2-3 business days. You pay at pickup. (same day service = PM pickup, expedited = next day pickup)

          • Consulate General for your region: US Offices - Office hours: 9:00am-12:00noon 1:30pm-3:30pm (nyc=2:30) Monday through Friday( except holidays). You are only allowed to apply to the office that serves where you live. If you can't get there, you may have to pay your local travel agent the extra fee.

              • Los Angeles area residents: Passport & Visa Office, Chinese Consulate 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020

            • NY, Mass, NJ, PA area residents: Consulate General of P.R.C in NY, 520 12th Avenue New York, NY 10036-1003

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