The NEW WORLD of 2020
    It is certainly an global understatement to say everyone is trying to find their way around to co-exist in this "New World". Hoping all of you and your family and friends are well and safe. Short of a miracle, our 2020 racing season is over. ALL May-July races in our region are cancelled or postponed to August or later.
  • Team reps have been ZOOMING for a few weeks, planning for a possible soft opening. And finally, after all our hard SHELTERING AT HOME - our Governor is working towards a statewide phased opening. The team reps believe Dragon boat paddling could fall under phase 2 if we manage to fulfill important safety needs. The reality is - it is about IF an individual feels safe, not when someone says it's safe. We ran a dry run of a practice a couple weeks ago and we agreed to start this week. Here's what you need to do and know.
    • Before coming to practice read our COVID-19 PLAN
    • Here are our current Practice procedures - Latest set of pre-practice questions
    • Note our Club COVID-19 Release
    • General Operating notes:
      • respect everyone's varied need for keeping themselves and their families safe
      • help out
      • we will have several home made face masks on site for members to take home (free)
      • We will have face shields on site for purchase ($5) pay via venmo
      • SHARE with your team rep any area of operation you may feel UNCOMFORTABLE and we will try to address.
      • IF you do NOT feel safe, DO NOT participate. It is all about having SAFE FUN.
    • Lake established new policies regarding our Membership with the Lake.
    • NO PARKING in the boat house lot - we were not given any 2020 parking tags. Turn in your 2019s. ONLY Park on the side streets. NO parking on Lake Shore Drive.
    • NO REST ROOM facilities available. Sorry, but neither the Johnson beach (plumbing issues) or the club house (covid closing) are available.

This is a "New World Dragon Boat paddling season during this national crisis. Stay safe, stay strong and work hard to avoid being an UNNECESSARY PATIENT!!! Help a senior. Thank a health care worker.