Info on Joining (revised 4/15/21)
    We welcome anyone interested in checking out this cool fast growing team activity. Experience NOT required...just the desire to enjoy a cool activity with others - FUN loves company!
    Become a member:
    • Step 1 = Complete online Registration form, 
    • Step 2 = Complete online paddler agreement,
    • Step 3 = Complete online individual waiver. (hard copy waiver: HERE)
    • Step 4 = Complete online Covid 19 waiver
    • Step 5 = Pay your membership fee
      • Adults = $100/venmo @ njdragonboat ($100 early bird rate extended thru 2020-2021)
      • Youth and College students = $25/venmo @ njdragonboat.
    • Step 6 = Read and Review Club and Lake Rules
    • Want to paddle but not sure if you want to be a member? Then pay $10/practice until you decide. We apply these practice fees toward your membership fee if you join.
    • Checks no longer accepted as payment for NJDBC membership fees. pay by VENMO. If you don't have venmo, have a teammate pay for you via venmo.

    NJDBC Member Benefits:
    • Membership into the most active dragon boat clubs in NJ - NJDBC benefits
    • Members are also expected to help with lake community activities - such as beach cleanup and assorted maintenance.

    Non-Members welcome to participate in team activities:
    • non-member day fee ranges from $5-20 per day or per activity or races.