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RML owns five properties in Oakland, NJ.
Crystal Lake Beach, 61 Lakeshore Drive, Block 1501, Lot 53, 1.169 acres, annual tax $8,536
Crystal Lake, Block 1501, Lot 66, 26.63 acres, annual tax $3,478
Mirror Lake land, Seminole Blvd, Block 4602, Lot 31, 0.135 acre, annual tax $274
Mirror Lake land, Seminole Blvd, Block 4602, Lot 32, 0.500 acre, annual tax $680
Mirror Lake, Block 4602, Lot 45, 3.650 acres, annual tax $554
Total amount of all municipal property taxes for tax year 2015 = $13,667


CLLHA is a not-for-profit organization formed by lakefront homeowners in 2000 with the goal of protecting and preserving Crystal Lake. Its mission is to represent and advance the interests of lakefront homeowners, with a focus on lake and dam maintenance and payment of taxes.

CLLHA is independent of RML but cooperates with RML to achieve mutual goals.

CLLHA volunteers asked each lakefront homeowner to pay voluntary annual dues of $360 starting in 2000. As with any request for voluntary contributions, some homeowners gladly paid and others did not. Some lakefront homeowners have paid significantly more than $360 each year to help preserve and maintain the lake. Others paid lower amounts.

CLLHA established its own bank account, collected dues from 2000 through 2011 and paid for lake taxes, insurance, and various maintenance and repair expenses, including part of the cost of the Spillway upgrade in 2002 and the entire cost in 2003 of the repair/replacement of 24-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe that we use to lower the lake for maintenance. CLLHA also paid to add riprap (large stones) to the outlet channel to the Ramapo River to protect the lower spillway from the eroding effects of high velocity water exiting the lake to the river during major storms.

CLLHA collected over $170,000 from 2000 through 2011 and paid over $134,000 for various expenses.

CLLHA stopped collecting dues at the end of 2011 as RML initiated property and maintenance fees for all shareholders.