Coalition Initiatives

The Coalition has developed and/or supports the following initiatives to help teens become good drivers for life:

GDL Tool Kit

GDL Tool Kit

This online tool kit is filled with free, downloadable resources (i.e., fact sheets, brochures, videos, posters and PowerPoint presentations) designed to facilitate greater awareness and understanding of the GDL program at home and in the community.
U Got Brains Champion Schools Program
Developed by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (BIANJ), the Champions Schools Program (CSP) gives high school students the opportunity to develop and implement peer-to-peer education campaigns addressing issues teens face on the road. With the guidance of an adult advisor, the teen teams develop and implement in-school and community-based campaigns that include educational activities, special events, speakers, social media, pledge drives, videos, giveaways, and more. All campaigns are judged for impact by a panel of teen safe driving experts and the top teams awarded a driving simulator for their school donated by the founding sponsor New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. Coalition members serve as mentors, subject matter experts, speakers, sponsors, and judges.

Law Enforcement Education
Working in partnership with the New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association, the Coalition developed a flyer and poster to help police understand, promote and enforce the GDL law. Additionally, the Coalition is assisting the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety in promoting law enforcement’s use of a pocket-size card to help patrol officers quickly cite the appropriate section of the GDL law when making a traffic stop involving a teen driver.  

A 4-hour GDL for Law Enforcement Course is also provided through the Essex County Police Academy.  Recruits and officers learn the history of the GDL program and its effectiveness in reducing teen crashes.  They also learn the  mechanics of the law, how to identify GDL violations and the critical role they play as both a police officers and  the parent of a future driver.  To learn more about the course, contact

Share the Keys Parent/Teen Orientation Program
Developed by the New jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and Kean University, the 75-minute facilitated Share the Keys (STKs) program, is designed for parents whose teens are preparing to enter the state's Graduated Driver License (GDL) program. Based on parent influence research conducted by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, STKs focuses on four key parental behavioral objectives: understanding the GDL program and effectively enforcing its provisions at home, serving as good role models, increasing supervised practice with their novice driver, and controlling the keys. Many Coalition members are trained facilitators, who also work with educators, parents and community leaders to schedule and promote the free program in schools and community-based settings.



GDL Game Plan for Coaches
Developed in partnership with NJSIAA for use by high school and recreation/travel leagues coaches,  A Game Plan for Talking to Your Student Athletes About New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License Program  helps coaches and adult advisors partner with teens and their parents to promote greater understanding of and adherence to the provisions of the GDL program. The 4-page document includes an overview of how and why NJ’s GDL program works; suggestions for engaging athletes, parents and fans; a sample code of conduct; and a list of online resources.

Driver Education Partnership
The Coalition partners with the New Jersey Association of Health and Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD) to provide professional development opportunities for classroom teachers and behind the wheel instructors. An electronic bulletin is disseminated, upon request, to high school driver education professionals providing updates on the state's driver licensing requirements and motor vehicle laws, as well as new resources, programs and training opportunities. (To receive the e-bulletin, email and include "DE Update" in the Subject line.) The Coalition's volunteer driver education coordinator works with the Motor Vehicle Commission to address teachers' questions and concerns. The Coalition also partners with BIANJ to promote and provide content for a website built expressly for driver education professionals.

GDL Champions

Established in 2011 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of NJ's GDL program, the annual initiative honors individuals and organizations who have worked diligently to educate, enforce and/or advocate for the proven principles of GDL. Champions come from all walks of life -- they're teachers, parents, teens, community activists, elected officials, police officers, businessmen and women, reporters, driving school instructors, safety professionals, and more. To learn more about the current class of GDL Champions, visit